My Crazy Life (A Story) Part 1

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*Please read these paragraphs* This quiz is based off of a soap that Neonhedgehog and I did. The world we live in is far in the future. Humans are created by scientists.

Every human is perfect. Their hair, their skin, their eyes... nothing ever looks bad. Until Gabby Lora and Alexis Potter come along, that is. I play Alexis (Lexi) Potter. One eye is bright green, the other bright blue. My hair is a very rare red.

Created by: Beatles Obsessed

  1. I trudge down the streets after coming home from school. 'It won't get any better,' I tell myself. Be grateful you aren't perfect.' I thought. As I walk into my room, I sit down on my bed looking into the mirror. The creature that looks back at me is odd. One very rare bright blue eye, one bright green. My hair is a very uncommon red. Just my luck.
  2. My PERFECT sister walks in and throws her arm around me. "You know, your ugly looks really match your personality." She says with a winning smile. "Maybe, if you actually get a little luck in your life, an ugly boy will come along and reject you." She says as she knocks over my bookshelf, then leaves the room.
  3. "Mom, Alexis is having anger issues and she's scaring Hugo." my sister immediately says. 'Ugh, bratface.' I think. My mother makes it all my fault, no need for sob stories. I look around my room, taking it all in. Deep violet walls, a bright green carpet and ugly grey bed, worn out clothes, and termite infested books and bookshelves.
  4. "Alexis Deformibus Granna Potter." my mother screams. I wince. My mother and father were so mad at me for looking this way my middle name meant 'Ugly' in two different languages. I even looked it up in a book and saw for myself. 'Mother, Celestine knocked it over.' i tell her. "Unbelievable." She screams a liar and a deniar. Grounded young lady. A disgrace to our fami;y. The opposite of perfect, ugly, rude, dumb, old fashioned, lying, un-loved, friendless, and a TRAITOR." My mother screams.
  5. I sigh, as I pick my bookshelf back up. 'Should I really do this?' I wonder. I have been wanting to run away for so long... is it worth it?As if in answer to my mental question, my little brother, Henry's voice interrupts my thoughts. "My friends teased me today because of my ugly sister, Celestine. "I know, she ruins our lives. How on Earth can someone be so imperfect?" My older sister answers. I decide that's it. I start throwing food, books, and clothes into a bag. I'm done.
  6. Ok. I grab my phone and put it in my bag and leave a note on the windowsill. I jump out the window onto the roof, and lower myself down. I run down the streets with a backpack. I take my phone and begin to call Gabby, explaining what i've done. "Hey Gab, it's Lexi."
  7. "Oh. Sup, I was just about to call." Gabby tells me. "Well... I have some good and bad news." I say. "I kinda ran away from my house..."
  8. "Come to my house first. I know everything we need to run away." Gabby said. "Ok. Wait, you want to run away too? I thought you were happy..." Her family accepted her differences, she looked alot like me.
  9. Ok guys, that is all for part one. If it didn't make very much sense to you, read the paragraphs before the first "question." Or you can go onto offbeat, this quiz series is actually a soap I did with NeonHedgehog.
  10. Part 2 will be told from Gabby's point of view, and part 3 goes back and forth. Please comment on helpful ideas. Thanks

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