your life part one (a story quiz)

this is a story of your life you pretty much control it by your awnsers :) if you like this then take part two coming soon also please comment and give me ideas i might just use them!

i hope you likethis quiz and hope you get a great awenser see if you will have a good life or if you will turn out to be a bad person spoiler alert there is a boy ;)

Created by: kayla

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  1. okay so your heading out the door what are you wearing?
  2. you are going to school and its your first day what do you do first?
  3. after you go to class some one taps you on the shoulder you....?
  4. the person who tapped you is a guy he has blue eyes and red hair and wearing a blue shirt and black skinnies
  5. he askes you if you know where the cafeteria is you say?...
  6. you walk there together and find a tabel what do you guys eat?
  7. when your done he askes what class you got nxt you say science he has math next so he asks to hang out some time you... ?
  8. school just got out you jump on the bus when your phone buzzes its the guy from shcool asking if you wanna go to the lake that night he says also by the way my name is jake you reply..
  9. its seven thirty and you hop on your
  10. you meet him at the lake he says hey glad you made it ! look at the sun against the lake! its beatuful then he leans in and you

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Quiz topic: My life part one (a story quiz)