My Love For You Burns~Part 1

Hello and welcome to my quiz series story! This is my first time writing a quiz like this so please tell me how I went afterwards. Please take it and enjoy it! ^_^

There's 3 guys in Part 1: Damien, the cute skater, brown hair, deep blue eyes, tiny freckles on cheek bones. Brandon, dirty blonde hair, tanned skin, light blue eyes, a jock. And there's Jordan, the mysterious emo guy, black hair, blue eyes, pale skin.

Created by: Morgan16
  1. You sighed as you open your closest door. A new year, a new school yet again. This year, you're attending school at South Barrymore High. You don't really feel like going, but you knew your mom would force you to go, anyway. As you open your closest, you pick out...
  2. You start waiting outside of your house for the bus. Then suddenly, the big yellow school bus finally arrived. As you climb on, you look around and the bus is all FULL! Almost no seats. Almost. You stood there in complete silence, scanning the seats. The grumpy old bus driver grunts at you and says, "Well, hurry up. We don' have all day." You slowly make your way to the back of bus. The only spare seats were next to a ginger-haired boy who was picking his nose and wiping it on the bus seats. You turn away in disgust to find another seat. There was one more seat available. This time next to a brown-haired boy with tiny freckles along his cheekbones. At least he seems pretty normal, you think as you sit down next to him.
  3. "Mind if I sit here?" you ask the boy. The boy looks at you. Now that you can see him up close, he has deep, dark ocean blue eyes, teeny, tiny CUTE freckles along his cheekbones and chocolate brown hair. He stares at you for a minute, then answers, "Uh...yeah...I mean, no, no, I don't mind." You happily plonk your bag down and sit. "Well, hi...I'm Damien." the boy says to you. You turn to him and answers, "Yeah, hi! My name's ________." "Are you going to South Barrymore High?" Damien asks you. You nod, and for a split second you saw a hint of satisfaction in his eyes. You two talk all the way on the bus. You find out that he is a skateboarder/skater and that he likes Harry Potter. Since you're a Harry Potter fan, you two yak yak yak about it all the way to school.
  4. As you get off the bus, you look around and see SO MANY STUDENTS, talking, chatting. And you don't even know anyone. You didn't know what to do when suddenly Damien comes up to you. "Well, hey ________, do you need help finding the homeroom?" he asks you. You reply back to him, "Yeah, thanks. That would be nice of you." he blushes then leads you to the homeroom. Once you get to the homeroom, Damien disappears in a sea of students. The homeroom was full of girls and guys chatting and laughing. You felt like such a loner! Suddenly, a hand taps you on the shoulder. You turn around and see a very pretty girl with strawberry blonde hair and hazelnut eyes.
  5. "Hello, I'm Samantha." the girl says. She is wearing blue jeans, orange converse sneakers and a white t-shirt and a jean jacket. Her hazelnut eyes bore right into yours. She's wearing her hair in a high ponytail, finished off with a nice smile. "Hi," you say to her. "I'm ________." "I can see that you're new," Samantha tells you. "That's alright, I'm new as well. Wanna sit next to me during class?" she asks you kindly. You reply back, "That would be nice!". Suddenly, out of the blue, a guy with blonde hair and light blue eyes comes up to Samantha. "Did you happen to find my lunch money?" the guy asks Samantha. She shakes her head. "No, sorry, Brandon. Brandon! I want you to meet ________! She's new to South Barrymore High." she cheerfully introduces you to Brandon. As you sort of "scan" Brandon while you talk, you can see he has a very athletic body figure, tanned skin, blonde hair and light shade of blue eyes. As you get to know him more, you realize that he's a jock, playing for the schools football team.
  6. "Psst, _____!" Brandon taps you on the shoulder. "...and that is why decimals and fractions should always be complied to the same..." Mrs. Smith's voice was trailing away as you listen to Brandon, who is quietly talking to you in your ear. He's sitting behind you and you keep getting distracted! "I think I need to listen. We have a math assignment soon and-" "_______! Why are you talking?" Mrs. Smith demands. Oh no. You've been caught out. Brandon sits back on his seat and pretends nothings wrong. You turn deep red shamefully as you mutter, "Sorry, Mrs. Smith." Samantha, sitting next to you gives you an apologetic look. Suddenly, Ring, ring! the bell for lunch rings loudly. Everyone scrams up for the nearest exit door. "Don't forget that your assignment is due next week!" calls Mrs. Smith. But it's too late. Every student was already out of the class, waiting to get out of Hell Math class. You walk out of the door with Samantha, you two talking about your interests, when you see Brandon laughing and chatting with some other girls. You feel your heart sink. But then you shake your head and think to yourself, That's stupid. I only met him for one day. How could I possibly like him?, but you still feel bad about him flirting with the other girls.
  7. As you enter the cafeteria, Samantha says to you, "Sorry. I have to go now to the Mathletes meeting. Bye." and she scurries out. You close your eyes and think, Great. Just great. You walk around with your tray, passing full tables of students laughing and talking when you see a completely empty table. Well, not completely empty. A guy was sitting there. He was dressed in black. Even black converses. Black As you get closer, you see that he has black hair covered with a black beanie, pale skin, a lip piercing and a nose piercing with tree green eyes. He's sitting alone, just an apple and a sandwich on his tray. You feel sorry for him as you remember what it felt like to sit alone on the first day. You walk up to his table and set your tray next to him. You give him a warm smile. "Hey! I'm ______. Mind if I sit here?" you greet him. The boy shrugs and mutters, "Whatever". His words are barely audible. Slowly sitting down on the seat, you wonder how to start a conversation. He looks so moody! You clear your throat. "So...what's your name?" you ask him. He murmurs something you can hardly hear. "Excuse me?" you ask him. "Jordan." he says a little bit more loudly, but more grumpily. You decide not to say anything else.
  8. It's after school. You had to walk home since the bus wasn't available after school. As you walk along the dirty concrete, a friendly voice shouts out to you. "Hey, __________!" you look up and see that it's Damien. He's riding his skateboard towards you. You can't help but smile. "Hi, Damien!" you say to him. "Where are you going?" you ask. "To the skate park." he says to you. "Hey, have you ever ridden a skateboard?" he asks. "No." you answer. "Wanna have a ride?" he winks at you. You hesitate. "Actually-" before you can finish your sentence, Damien picks you up and carries you over to his skateboard and places you on it. You can't help but laugh and be impressed by his strength. You spend an hour with him, having fun and laughing.
  9. By the time you two finish mucking around, you finally realize that Brandon was in distance, staring at you two, looking very jealous and possessive. You gulp and try to look away but you can't. You just want more. You turn around to Damien. "Sorry, Damien. I have to go now. See you tomorrow?" you ask him. Damien nods and you run off. "Wait!" his voice rings out in distance. "I don't even have your number!"
  10. You run towards Brandon. He was wearing his football uniform and you can't help staring at how well-toned and well-shaped his body is, especially his legs. "Hi...Brandon." you say meekly to him. He just nods at you, slightly smirking, then slightly blushing. "So...What were you doing with that Damien dude over there?" he asks you. You're surprised at this question. "Um, nothing. We were just...hanging out." you tell him. Brandon doesn't say anything. "You know what, _________, can I...get your number?" he asks. You feel shocked but you manage to stammer out, "S-s-sure." and gives it to him. As you say goodbye to go home, you feel very happy and complete.
  11. Hm...Who are you falling for so far?

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