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  • 17.5K
    Do you deserve to be alive?
    rated: 2.17/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 17.5K times | 13 comments

    This quiz is simple to be described I just wanted to find out if people are worthy to be alive, but I also want to have fun while doing so, so while …

  • 435K
    What's your Patronus?
    rated: 3.86/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 435K times | 139 comments

    How many of you Harry Potter fans wonder what your patronus animal would be? Living in a muggle world it is difficult to tell, until now! This quiz …

  • 38.6K
    How dangerous are you?
    rated: 3/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 38.6K times | 11 comments

    There are those who have a rep for being bad and those who dont. Which one are you? And if you have a rep is it real? Find out through this quiz!!! …

  • 5.2K
    how much do you love yourself
    rated: 2.74/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 5.2K times | 9 comments

    There are alot of people saying they love themselves, but when things are a bit harder they lose their world!!why is that happening?Maybe they don't …

  • 8.1K
    are you crazy or calm?
    rated: 3.41/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 8.1K times | 11 comments

    okay this is my quiz there are many crazy people in this world and this is simply a quiz to figure out wether or not you are one of them it is pretty …

  • 10K
    In Case Of A Zombie Apocalypse, Are You Screwed?
    rated: 3.33/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 10K times | 15 comments

    Zombies. Tough, can withstand pain, and they are never hungry. Could you survive such a creature, let alon a mass invasion of the lifeform, or …

  • 10.8K
    What Warriors Cat Are You?
    rated: 3.95/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 10.8K times | 24 comments

    Have you ever heard about the series Warriors by Erin Hunter? Well if you have here is were you find out what warrior are you.If you haven't this …

  • 14.2K
    Whats Your Personality Colour?
    rated: 3.64/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 14.2K times | 18 comments

    Life colours....They can determine who you are and how you feel. Every person has a life colour. Its a great mystery but sometimes even palm readers …

  • 9.8K
    The happiness quiz
    rated: 3.07/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 9.8K times | 11 comments

    Are you as happy as you THINK you are? Do you even think that you're happy? There is only one way to be absolutely sure which one you are. So come on, …

  • 2.8K
    What T Shirt Suits You?
    rated: 2.91/5Promoted 12 years ago | taken 2.8K times | 5 comments

    Not Sure what kind of t shirt is going to suit you.. spoiled for choice? Indecisive? Want them all? ********************************** We can help …