Girls: does your crush like you?

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Most girls have a crush on someone at least once when they are at high school. That gorgeous boy up the back of the class with his dreamlike eyes and adorable smile. Wanna know if he likes you? You've come to the right place!

This quiz will provide you with an accurate result of how much your crush likes you. I particularly recommend this to teenage girls at high school. Is he madly in love with you or does he hide a secret admiration for you? Does he just want to be friends or are you way out of his league? It's time to find out.

Created by: Gemini98
  1. How long have you known your crush?
  2. How long has he been your "crush"?
  3. How old is he compared to you?
  4. How do your heights compare (you + him)?
  5. How did you guys meet?
  6. How often do you guys talk?
  7. Does he have a girlfriend?
  8. When he talks to attractive girls that are not his girlfriend, how do you feel?
  9. Why do you like your crush?
  10. Would you say you are friends?
  11. What would you say is your crush's best feature?
  12. If/when you guys talk, what do you talk about?
  13. Do you have a celebrity crush? If so, who would you say is the most attractive: celebrity crush or real crush?
  14. Do you have your crush's phone number?
  15. You see your crush being beaten up by another boy. What do you do?
  16. If you and your crush were together in a room and a man with a gun walked in saying "one of you must die, the other can live", what would you do? (This will probably never happen so don't worry!)
  17. What do you think your crush would find most attractive about you?
  18. Do you think your parents would approve of you liking this person?
  19. Have you ever caught him staring at you?
  20. If I dared you to go up to your crush the next time you see him and ask him out, what would you say?
  21. If your crush asked you out, where would you want to go on your first date?
  22. What would you do if your crush started dating your best friend?
  23. Would you ever consider marrying your crush in the future?
  24. Be honest. Do you think he likes you?

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Quiz topic: Girls: does my crush like you?