Who Are You in the Croods?

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Hello th7s is my first quiz so it won't be to great this is abput what croods you are.

There will be grug the dad ugga the mum epp thunk, gran, and guy I hope you get who you like.

Created by: Kolika00

  1. Who do you like
  2. Are you aventures, leader, stuid, funny, awesome, smart?
  3. Wpuld you follow grug or guy.
  4. What pet do you like?
  5. Who has the most brains?
  6. Are you as fast as sandy?
  7. Do you like this quiz so far its fine if you say no sry if you do say no?
  8. Are you as smRt as guy?
  9. Will you live with the croods or live alone.
  10. Do you want to run as fast as sand OR be as smart as guy?

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