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  • 26.9K
    What Harry Potter house are you in?
    rated: 3.69/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 26.9K times | 29 comments

    A lot of people want to know what Harry Potter house they are in. However, a lot of the quizzes out there are things like "Do you like red, green, …

  • 2K
    how powerful is your love towards your loved one?
    rated: 3.28/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 2K times | 7 comments

    there are many lovers, but which one are you? and which one do you truly want by your side? discover the powerfulness of a true lover, discover if …

  • 15.2K
    whats your dream guys name?
    rated: 3.02/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 15.2K times | 12 comments

    Every girl wants to know what the name of her dream guy is. They want to know if he's really out there or if its just fantasy. Its the same with guys …

  • 3.9K
    What kind of guy will you go out with?
    rated: 3.72/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 3.9K times | 18 comments

    Have you ever wondered who YOU will fall in love with? Many people spend their lives searching for that special someone. This quiz will give you an …

  • 1.8K
    are you a annnoying, mean, smart, etc. person
    rated: 1.4/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 1.8K times | 10 comments

    There are many stupid idotic people, but few true idots lol . stupis is, afterall, is really funny now a days LOL. What is a idot u ask? A idot is …

  • 3.9K
    Which Guy Will Be Your True Love (Part 1)
    rated: 3.02/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 3.9K times | 24 comments

    This Quiz is About 5 Guys Who Took You To Their Hideout Which is A Security Mansion. They Introduce You Themselves And Tell Them What Type Of Guy …

  • 10K
    whats your secret identity
    rated: 2.98/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 10K times | 13 comments

    This is a quiz to see what your secret identity is! Many people do the typical tests like "what clique are you from" or "what stereotype are you" but …

  • 44.5K
    What's Your Rapper Name?
    rated: 2.6/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 44.5K times | 11 comments

    there are tons of rappers out there and they have some awesome names like tpain, ti, flo rida, and beyonce. youve probably thought over what rapper …

  • 2.1K
    Dream Story, Which Will Be Yours?
    rated: 3.65/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 2.1K times | 22 comments

    This is a fantasy that every girl wishes they could be in. In the 1st of many fantasies I will be making, you will be kidnapped, and meet three cute …

  • 7K
    are you super model material?
    rated: 3.15/5Promoted 11 years ago | taken 7K times | 10 comments

    hey people this quiz truely tells you whether you are or are not SUPER MODEL MATERIAL yaay!!! this quiz is almost pointless but still fun, just take …