What kind of guy is for you?

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What type of guy should you date? This quiz was made for girls, so unless you're a boy who likes boys, I suggest you take a different quiz. There are 4 results: Emotional, funny, athletic, musician.

Which will you get? There are a lot of different types of guys, but which one should you go out with? This quiz is just for fun, it's not meant to stereotype anyone.

Created by: scissorgirl28
  1. What is the most romantic thing a guy can do?
  2. Let's say your boyfriend caught you kissing another guy. What should he do?
  3. What movie do you like to watch with your boyfriend?
  4. What do you like to talk about with your boyfriend?
  5. What hairstyle do you like on guys?
  6. You won't date a guy unless he...
  7. Pick a song.
  8. What is your idea of a perfect date?
  9. What if you saw your boyfriend crying? What would you do to make him feel better?
  10. What would you want your boyfriend to do if you were sad?
  11. What type of guy do you want to date?
  12. Lastly, pick your favorite smiley.

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