Do you look like Ariana Grande

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I have always wanted and searched for a quiz like this, many others also want to know and GOToQuiz didn't have it so I decided to created my own just for fun

Don't worry if your answer is negative well maybe Ariana Grande wants to look like you, ny the way she did plastic surgery, a lip and nose job. So you are natural unlike her. Good luck. And please leave comments.

Created by: leonie

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What colour is your hair?
  2. How are your lips?
  3. What shape are your eyes?
  4. What is your skin color?
  5. What is your body type?
  6. What is your eye color?
  7. Do you enjoy eating healthy?
  8. Do you like animals?
  9. How long is your hair?
  10. What is your favourite thing about Ariana Grande?
  11. How much Do you like Ariana Grande? On a scale of 1-10
  12. Did you like my quiz?

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Quiz topic: Do I look like Ariana Grande