It Began Around Midnight... part 6

It Began Around Midnight is the outcome of ideas that i had collected from other quizzes that are really good and ideas that i came up with. I tried to make this quiz unique and a little different from others, but it still has those four guys who you get to choose between. It tells you that fantasy doesn't always stay a fantasy.

So, in this quiz ther is the new character, Cindy. *Cindy* short and slim, curly auburn hair that drops to her shoulders, and she has baby blue eyes. THE GUYS: *Kyle* medium height and medium muscles, deep emerald green eyes, and bleach white hair. *Zac* medium height and more muscles than Kyle, mesmerizing purple eyes, and sand colored hair. *Andre* slim and agile, bright topaz eyes and dark brown hair. *Christian* slim, but still has muscles, jet-black hair, magnificent red eyes.

Created by: Toni

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  1. “Who are they?” asks Cindy. She’s looking at the guys in awe. You decide to tell her what you told Scott and try to think of some way to help Christian, because you know that since Cindy has seen the guys, she won’t leave any time soon. “Um, Kyle,” you gesture toward him, “is my cousin, and…these guys are his friends.” You gesture toward the other guys. “My, uh parents didn’t want me to be home alone while they’re gone so… they asked Kyle to come and stay with me… and they let him bring his friends, because you know how kind my parents are,” you explain to Cindy. “Oh, and that reminds me,” you say pushing Cindy a little ways into the living room and away from Christian, then you hurry toward Christian. “I need Christian’s help with my…iPod upstairs, it’s acting really weird,” you say as you grab Christians arm, pull him into a stand and start to walk out of the living room. Christian has his head down and you make sure to walk between Christian and Cindy, so Cindy doesn’t get a good look at him. “Why don’t you guys introduce yourselves?” you suggest just as you leave the living room.
  2. You take Christian to the stairs and then start heading up them. “What are you planning on doing now? By what Cindy’s like I’m sure that she would also want to meet me too,” states Christian. “That’s exactly right, so I’m going to find you some sunglasses,” you say. Once you get to your bedroom you notice that you’re still holding onto Christian’s arm and let go. You head into your room and start looking around for a pair of sunglasses that would look okay on a guy, and that would hide the true color of Christian’s eyes. You find a pair of aviators and think that they would work perfectly. You hold them out to Christian. “Here,” you say. “Thanks,” says Christian as he takes the sun glasses and puts the on, they actually look pretty good on him. “I really appreciate your help,” continues Christian.
  3. You and Christian head back down stairs and walk into the living room. Cindy seems to be in the middle of telling the guys a long story. She is sitting on the couch. Kyle is also sitting on the couch, but he is sitting - as far away from Cindy you could possibly sit on the couch without leaving it - with an utterly bored look on his face. Zac is sitting on one of the chairs with an interested expression on his face, but you can tell that he’s just being nice. And Andre is still sitting on the floor by the chess board and looking at Cindy, he seems to be in deep thought, but he also looks like he’s listening.
  4. Cindy spots you and Christian in the doorway and looks at you. “Is everything alright with your iPod?” she asks with a worried expression on her face. “Um, yeah, everything is fine,” you answer. “That’s good,” she says studying Christian. “Were you wearing sunglasses before you went up to help ______?” she asks confused. “Uh…yeah I was,” Christian answers. “Hmm, I must have not seen them,” she states. There is a silent pause. “Hey Cindy why don’t we leave the guys and we can go and spend some quality girl time together?” you suggest, “I’m sure the guys want to go and play video games or something.” “Yeah we could do that or… we could all go skating,” suggests Cindy as she looks at you with a smile. “Um, I’m not sure that Kyle wants to hang with his little cousin let alone his friends,” you say. “Oh, I guess,” Cindy’s smile fades, but then it reappears. Uh oh you think. “Or, we could ask Kyle and his friends what they think about the idea,” she says smirking at you.
  5. Cindy than turns and looks at the guys for their answer. Even though Cindy is being as annoying as a mosquito, you know that she is one of your best friends and she stuck with you through the whole thing with Scott. “Listen,” Zac says to Cindy, “it’s not a bad idea and we thank you for the offer, but we’ll have to pass.” “Oh, okay,” Cindy is trying to keep a cheery expression, but you can hear that she’s a little upset. With what happens next, you become amazed with the guys, because they start to do a whole improv routine (acting without there ever being a script). “Hey Kyle, you wanna go and play some Castle Crashers on the Xbox?” asks Christian. “Sure, it’ll be fun when I keep getting your kills,” gloats Kyle. “Wanna bet?” challenges Christian and with that both Kyle and Christian race down to the basement to the imaginary Xbox. “They are so mature aren’t they,” says Andre. Zac chuckles, “Yeah, but I still don’t want to miss the show.” “Dido,” and with that both Zac and Andre head down into the basement as well. “Guys,” you say rolling your eyes, going with the act. Cindy chuckles, “I’ll never understand them.” “Me neither,” you say. “You still want to go skating?” you ask Cindy. “I’d love to,” answers Cindy, no longer upset. Cindy stands up and you both head to your front door.
  6. Cindy puts on her jacket. You do the same and make sure that you still have your wallet in your pocket. You put your hands in your pockets and lift them out. In your right hand is a small black wallet that you picked up at a garage sale for 3$. You put it back into your pocket and look toward Cindy. “Do you have your wallet?” you ask. “Never leave home without it,” Cindy replies. “Good, because we need money to rent the skates,” you state as you put on your shoes. Once they’re on you and Cindy head out your front door and down the street; toward a park down the street. There is a field in the park that every year people come and make a skating rink there and set up a small skate rental booth.
  7. “What’s it like living with those four guys?” Cindy looks over at you with curiosity. “It’s very… interesting,” you respond, smiling. Cindy sends a smile toward you. “They seem fun to be around,” Cindy says, looking ahead. You shrug, because you’re not quite sure what to say. “They’re all really cute,” Cindy states. “Yeah they are,” you agree. “Do you like any of them?” Cindy looks back toward you.
  8. Despite what you think you say “I’m not sure, I mean I barely even know any them. Why do you ask?” Cindy shrugs, but you know better. “You like one of them, don’t you,” you accuse. Cindy nods her head and smiles. “Who?” You ask curiously. “Um, I think his name is Zac, the one with the brown hair and awesome purple eyes, he is so hot.”
  9. Before you can say anything you and Cindy make it to the park. She grabs your hand and leads you over to the skate rental booth. You pay for your skates, then both of you head over to the ice. You two put on your skates and head out onto the ice. Once you start skating with Cindy you figure out why she is one of your best friends. You are having so much fun with her that you forget about everything else. You fall down a few times and start laughing. Cindy would then skate to you smiling and help you back onto your feet. Once you and Cindy get off the ice and take off the skates, your feet are sore and you have slight pains in your stomach telling you that you’re hungry. As you and Cindy walk home you are still having a good time laughing and fooling around, but once you say good bye to Cindy and start to walk up your driveway everything comes flooding back to you. You start to feel guilty for leaving the guys for so long. You sprint up the driveway hoping that none of the guys are mad at you and hoping that you won't get mad at yourself for leaving them.
  10. I know that there wasn't much of the guys in this one, but i hope that it was still good. Cindy might not appear in any more quizzes, but if you want her to please comment and tell me.

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