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  • wtf that waz stupid :)

  • thanks for the esteem boost... ill always remember that i can boost up from 41% to a 99 just with plastic surgery... and im close to a castaway... i dont like the way i look as it is and that really hurts

  • go die in a hole

  • bs...bulls--- biches!!!!!

  • Look. I'm not exactly the hottest guy in school, in fact, I'm one of the least hot. But I strive for a great heart. I believe that I have gotten a pretty good heart over my journey. So if you say beauty is on the heart, then you must have one of the best in the world. Because from what it seems like, your definition of "a good heart" is absolutely wrong. If 19% is all I'm worth, you must be worth a billionth of that. I'm not trying to offend you, but maybe you should rethink your philosophy of "attractive".

  • wth? plastic surgery?

  • did..did she just cal me a dog well grrrrrrrrrruf idc

    sister of azazel
  • 10..............10 wtf im emo i have cuts cuz i have a evil cat and 3 dogs i foorgot my keys so now i got a sunburn get over it i think im at least a 40

    sister of azazel
  • it's demeaning... i mean, how do you tink people feel when they take that, and how do you know they don't underestimate themselves when they answer, and also, it doesn't matter

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  • this is a baaaaadd quiz! 54%
    Beauty comes from the heart
    not your face!
    Shallow guy tottally made this

  • I think beauty is kindness not looks. I think a shallow guy made this quiz. Not cool.

  • ugh!! i know im better than a 64%!!!! that quiz was rigged!!! i have to agree with kati10 in that one !!!! this game can go suck a big one!!! AGHHHHH!!! burn!! burn in helllllll!! muhahahahah muhahhahaha muhhahahahahahahahh ahaha jk, but that does piss me, like the last question, how would you u rate yourself. n it said like 10-are you sure! like immmmmmm the ugly one!!! ugh!!!!! but i give myself like a 7 =)

    bailey holland
  • 94% yeah, I know I'm beautiful, but beauty really is only skin deep. By the way, um, that kylie chick sounds awful.

  • Why did I take this? I already knew I was gonna get a good score. ;)

  • omg I always thought I was average but i guess i'm attractive, here comes sexy ally:)

    Sexy Ally Cat
  • 31%? Are you f***ing kidding me!!! BURN IN HELL!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! !!

  • Ok this quizz SUX ! I mean It says I am a 73. What the heck! I have medium blonde hair and aqua blue eyes. Every boy likes me and im really popular. Im not trying to be like... Im so amazing blah blah blah becuz I knoe im not perfect but this quiz sux. thnx for reading. LOL :)

  • im not only 29%! :( that makes me sad :(

  • 48%...crap:(

  • 53% REALLY!!!! this chick must feel bad about herself to bag on other people. Your quiz sux! SUCK IT!

  • One more thing...All that Glitters is not Gold

    If a Bit** looks to good to be true she probally is..

    Watch The movie American Hustle by Katt Willams...the part with lunelle in it...ya she will tell you ALL about it. lol

  • I am 69% attractive...which i can see that im not like OMG LOOK AT THAT GIRL..SHE COULD BE A MODEL. but i beleive that i am pretty and i do have long luxurious Brown

    i loooove it

  • 50%

    I find that hard to believe. Not to sound vain, but I'm prettier than that.

  • I think your quiz sucks.
    There, I said it.
    Bite me.


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