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  • Eeeww. This is disgusting and seems to be looks-based.

    IAmLordVoldemort Sep 23 '18, 4:30PM
  • Hah, I got a 2%. That's fair, and probably correct :'> However, I see a lot of people got bad scores, and this quiz seems very surface level and seems to take people's views of themselves as evidence for what they actually look like (the 'how atractive do you think you are' questions), which doesn't really make sense as those views are, usually, distorted. None of the questions were that sound tho, but I guess it's pretty hard to make a good, accurate quiz of this subject. Overall, I think the whole idea of making this was already a problem of it's own, as beauty is subjective, and comes down to taste, as everyone is beautiful in their own way. I just want the people taking this that are bummed out by their results to realize that.

    Eshi Sep 22 '18, 8:58AM
  • A perfect score for a wallflower or castaway. If you could just find yourself a deserted island and a big stash of rum, you could be good your own mind. Well don't give up hope. There's always plastic surgery. Omfg whoever wrote this quiz has no clue what they're doing. About 65% of the people who take this including me have insecurities and this hasn't helped. Whoever made the quiz just have all the results you are beautiful cause that's want the people doing this want to hear

    Da Boi Sep 22 '18, 3:49AM
  • I got 53%. I am white and Native American and I look hideous

    Oneonta Sep 22 '18, 12:00AM
  • I got 52% and I don’t like what mine said here’s what it said ”You look pretty good with a nice suit and either a shave or some pancake makeup. So did the guy they laid out last week at the funeral home. Don't despair. Lots of people are homely. So you'll have plenty of company”
    This is hurtful this is the worst quiz ever everyone is beautiful

    Gypsy gal Sep 21 '18, 6:36PM
  • Wow, the person who made this quiz has a really flawed idea of beauty and being attractive. The result I got really hurt me, and though I’ll eventually forget it, what I hate is how the quiz seems to be made for egomaniacs.
    Maybe it’s my fault for coming here, but if there’s anyone else who answered the questions honestly and was hurt by their result, beauty is NOT skin deep. Many people judge others by their first glance at them, but eventually find out what they’re like inside, which is what really matters.

    Whoever made this quiz is a (...insert suitable word...)

    CherryOnTheTop Aug 19 '18, 6:56PM
  • Also Justin is cool, there is nothing wrong with that

    GwenBear06 Aug 17 '18, 7:21AM
  • @$$hole!!!

    GwenBear06 Aug 17 '18, 7:20AM
  • This is terrible. YOu shouldnt tell people they could or should plastic surgery when you dont even know them or what they reaLLY look like

    noope Jul 29 '18, 3:29PM
  • You're Gay

    Justiniscool Apr 27 '18, 2:51PM
  • this is the worst quiz ever. It only judges your looks so aparenttly you need a stick body with straight hair and straight teeth. thats just sad. and its not true. I've gotten compliments about my looks my entire life and my score was 49% this what it said

    A perfect score for a wallflower or castaway. If you could just find yourself a deserted island and a big stash of rum, you could be good your own mind. Well don't give up hope. There's always plastic surgery.

    WHAT THE HECK. I want everybody to know you can all be beautiful in your own way ignore this stupid quiz.

    BewareoftheFAYZ Dec 1 '17, 12:09PM
  • I hate this quiz! I took it, and even though everyone compliments me on how pretty I am, I got 35% attractive! It totally insulted me and hurt my feelings! Attractiveness comes from the heart! And right now, whoever made this quiz is 0% attractive. It doesn't matter whether or not you have a boyfriend, or how silky your hair is, or how pretty your teeth are! I took this quiz twice to find out what they thought was attractive, and they apparently think lean, perfect girls with long silky hair, perfect dental work, and perfect bodies are attractive! :( This quiz was AWFUL!!! It hurt my feelings.

    angelpuppy725 Sep 7 '17, 4:02PM
  • okay, so I took the quiz and got an okay score. It's classified. But then I tried to get 100% and am annoyed at what answers make it that way. Then I easily decided what made 0% and the resulting paragraph got me p*ssed.
    "Somebody call the kennel, because one of the dogs got loose. You probably bark. It's no sin to be so...homely. Just don't show yourself in public. Dark corners and bags for your head are your friends."

    Okay, wow. Forst of all, this quiz is nowhere near accurate, so I want to tell everyone that whatever score you got, it probably isn't true. This can't be accurate unless is had 50+ questions or something and even then it wouldn't be able to know. Beauty is not long, perfect hair, perfect teeth, amazing ego, way too many exes, and being loved by all. Beauty is your personality. It is how you act towards others and how you treat your friends. Who cares if you're "hot" or popular, someone out there loves you more than anyone in the world.
    I have a lot of friends with short, beautiful hair. that does not take away beauty points. There are some forty-fifty-year-ol d models that are hotter than any twenty-year-old. I have braces and my skin isn't perfect but I am still considered beautiful the way I am.
    All of you who were offended by this quiz, forget about it. That answer is complete b.s.

    Viverrinus Jun 19 '17, 11:11PM
  • 39% Attractive... That's something right?
    A perfect score for a wallflower or castaway. If you could just find yourself a deserted island and a big stash of rum, you could be good your own mind. Well don't give up hope. There's always plastic surgery.
    I would never do surgery and I'm not a drinker... Forever Alone.

    LoserLoner Feb 12 '17, 11:58AM
  • Wow this is some really helpfull stuff!!!!
    Its crazy its like they know me!!!!!!!!
    Thank you guy so much!!!!

    coolmama Feb 17 '16, 11:27AM
  • 100% I'm smokin

    Coolteenjessica Feb 11 '16, 12:33AM
  • This quiz really hurt my feelings, it basically said I'm super ugly and nobody likes me :( now that's just mean!

    SilverOwl125 Jan 11 '16, 12:12AM
  • My friends say i'm pretty too! Thanks alot! :( :C

    XxsnowpotralxX Jan 7 '16, 6:40PM
  • You just hurt my feelings.. my family say im beautiful... i hate these kinds of quizzes.. why did i even come here? :(

    XxsnowpotralxX Jan 7 '16, 6:39PM
  • i got,81%

    Katie Lalonde 37 Jan 3 '16, 10:41PM
  • I am alone

    ipeed Nov 18 '15, 7:19PM
  • you are such a loser. you call everybody ugly. your such a no good b---- who deserves to die. go do your own thing and get someone with better judgement to create this quiz.

    ally_dawnsun Sep 29 '15, 7:56PM

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