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  • I got 4%. Somebody call the kennel, because one of the dogs got loose. You probably bark. It's no sin to be so...homely. Just don't show yourself in public. Dark corners and bags for your head are your friends. Thanks. I know I'm ugly but there is no need to make me feel even worse than I already do.

  • just because you don't have 10 boyfriends doesnt mean you're not beautiful. seriously? i mean, i cant believe this quiz. how pretty are you huh? jerk!

  • I got 66% pretty.

    You look pretty good with a nice suit and either a shave or some pancake makeup. So did the guy they laid out last week at the funeral home. Don't despair. Lots of people are homely. So you'll have plenty of company.

    You're so rude and up yourself! Caking makeup on looks awful! I do NOT look like I've just died! You're so rude and obviously think very highly of yourself whilst looking down on others.

  • I'm pretty!!! I do not want any rum I'm 12!!!!!!! loser......

  • I got a pretty high score, but seriously, what kind of person made this! Whoever it was has a pretty STUPID way of telling if someone is beautiful or not! Inner beauty counts too!

  • 61%, this quiz, is for stuck up snooty b_ches. You have a messed up way of thinking how people are beautiful. It's not all about looks. Those can be seen as bonuses. And, this quiz is not very accurate. And if you think people that have maybe 50% or lower or whatever need PLASTIC SURGERY, you need to contact maybe, therapy? Because you have major problems. May no mercy be brought onto your soul.

  • Wow. I always said there are no bad quizzes...but then i took this one. Did it ever occur to you that maybe, inner beauty matters? You could be the most stunning person in the world but still have the personality of a rock. In some cases, that is offensive to rocks! My point is, a decent person isn't based off how many bofriends you have or how hot you are, but how "hot" you are on the inside.

    And also, some lucky people are beautiful in both ways.

  • oh my frikking godfather im not that ugly

    luv u luv u123
  • Hi, I realy liked this quiz! See that's what I call SARCASIM. As in if evr see you again make a quiz like this that degrades girls and makes them feel like this I will comment a lot and then rate you a 1 star over and over again. This is what makes girls wanna suicide. I understand if you do but darlin dont do this to yourself! you are BEAUTIFUL! Just like evrybdy else in this world. Just don't do it girl because it hurts and i know how it feels.

  • U seriously have problems!! Its ppl like u tht cause suicide and u probly made thos bullcrap quiz 2 make ur self look better and just for tht ive never seen u and i bet ur ugly!!!!!! Uggh WOW can u say immature!!!!!

  • 29% I bet the creator of this quiz would get 0%

  • 30%.ooookkkkeeeeyyy yy

  • 54%...??????oh!i am very sad...i am not that much ugly

  • 47%! I'm WAY more pretty than that! Something is SO messed up!

  • 10%......I feel ugly.

  • this quiz kinda sucked no offense but it said i am pancaked with makeup and i dont even wear a lot of make up i just put bearly any all my friends so i dont need it jeez maybe you shouldnt make another quiz again!!!!!

  • Wow... I ain't even gonna say what I think about this test because if I did, well, most of it would be blocked out... so, I will try to say it nicer.

    Being beautiful means that you are gorgeous on the inside, not just on the outside. Being beautiful means you are different, no just sexy. Get the point? Edit this quiz and add questions about personality.

  • um that was a bit harsh... And to tell you the truth I get asked out often but say no not that im playing hard to get its just I think im a bit to young to start dating (Im 14) and alot of guys right now are immature and stupid. The quiz couldve been nicer and Im not gonna lie I didnt like it.

  • 42%

    Wow, that was really mean. I'm pretty good looking, okay? Everyone who thinks this quiz maker is a scumbag is 100% beautiful to me! :)

  • You are 50% attractive

    A perfect score for a wallflower or castaway. If you could just find yourself a deserted island and a big stash of rum, you could be good your own mind. Well don't give up hope. There's always plastic surgery.

    Wow... This result actually almost made me laugh. You think every beautiful person has had hundreds of boyfriends/girlfrie nds, is super popular and is very confident in her/his looks? B!tch please, you are so wrong it's sad. Who the hell decided that one needs to have perfect teeth and flawless skin to be beautiful? Beauty is being unique, dumb---.

    And just so you know, I know I look good and I know better than to let someone of your level bring me down. I ain't no girl you can beat with words, much less when I don't even know who you are.

  • well this quize made feel as if an a 6 or a 5 when i am about an 7 or maybe a 8 and if your a 7 and up you tend to be considerd very good looking when your a 7 you look good over all nice body but face is lacking but thats not noticed because of the body my face over all is very cute i just have a bigger nose but thats not noticed everything els is fine and i have a very good body my teeth are a little messed up but are still cute i think so f--- this quiz haha:)

  • 19%. Terrific.

  • Just retook the quiz and chose the first option for each question and got a 84%. You know, not every stuck up b*tch who's thinks they're popular and are full of themselves, are beautiful. People are gorgeous in their own ways. Yet you think just like any other snooty petty snob. I hope you get hit by a bus you retard. Now back to cutting my throat. >:|

  • Well this quiz makes me want to kill myself more. . . Meh. Why not? *Goes to the bathroom with a knife*

  • 64%? Are you joking? This quiz made me just downright unconfident. Why did this quiz call me "homely"? This quiz is so messed up and I bet the quiz maker is too.


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