Hogwarts Love Story pt 24

Ok, so here's part twenty-four. Woo hoo! I didn't keep you waiting as long this time! I'm pretty excited about this year, and I have a vague plan in my head for the next few years! Post your thoughts in the comments, and enjoy!

Ok, so here's part twenty-four. Woo hoo! I didn't keep you waiting as long this time! I'm pretty excited about this year, and I have a vague plan in my head for the next few years! Post your thoughts in the comments, and enjoy!

Created by: vulturemonem

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  1. Hey ya! A quicker update this time! Yippee! I'm going to stick with the whole first person thing, as I'm more comfortable doing that, and my two commenters seemed to prefer that. Anyway, on with the story! Oh yeah, I'm going to be really lazy with options today! xoxoxo
  2. I groaned as Kreacher, the Black house-elf Harry and I had passed when we first arrived, tried to sneak away yet another object belonging to his 'beloved Mistress'. "You deal with it Ron, you haven't done it yet," I said, without looking up from my difficult task of removing slim and mould from between tiny cracks in the back of a cupboard. I felt like a muggle again. "Why me?" Ron whined. "I just explained that genius," I replied calmly. Ron huffed before stalking off, shouting at the house-elf. I chuckled, and Hermione called me from the other side of the room. I looked up and headed over to her, seeing Ginny beside her. Both had their hands on their hips, smirks on their faces. "What?" I asked, surprised by their expressions. "So," Ginny began casually, "How's it going with Cedric?" I blushed. "Fine," I replied, trying t sound nochalent. Apparently, I failed. "Just fine? Do you need me to jinx him?" Ginny asked, and Hermione raised an eyebrow. "Ugh," I groaned, "It's great. Happy?" They both squealed and I rolled my eyes at them as I turned back to my job. Admittedly, that was partially to hide my embarrassment. "Do you ever talk about the tournament?" Hermione asked quietly. "No. We did yesterday, just after he arrived, but not usually," I said. "I can understand that." There was silence between us for a while, before Ron stormed back into the room, holding some piece of worthless junk in his left hand that he'd stolen back from Kreacher's stash. "The guy's got loads there," he grumbled. "For Heaven's sake Ron! Why didn't you get it?" Hermione asked, exasperated. "You get it then," Ron snapped. "He hates me," Hermione replied sadly. "Oh for the love of God you two!" Ginny cried. "Cut it out!" I advised, as I heard the unmistakeable sound of Mrs.Weasley's footsteps coming down the corridor, "Look busy."
  3. "How's it going?" Mrs.Weasley asked, coming into the room wearing a flowery apron with her fiery red hair loose around her shoulders. "Ugh. Seriously, give Kreacher a sock," Ginny complained. "Yeah mum, he's so annoying!" Ron groaned. "Be nice you two," Mrs.Weasley said, a hint of annoyance on her face. "Can't we do something else?" Ron asked as he pulled out a large piece of slim from between the window frame and the wall, "Yuck!" He threw it into the nearly-full bucket, and Mrs.Weasley just clucked her tongue twice. "Once you've finished." With that, she turned on her heel and left the way shed come, probably to check on the twins or Harry and Cedric, who were tackling a load more Cornish Pixies. I wrinkled my nose as I began to tackle a particularly smelly corner of the room. As I delved deeper into the area, I realised why it stunk so much. "Ew!" I said upon spotting two mangled corpses; of rats. "That's so gross," Hermione said from behind me. She pulled of her own glove and threw it to me. I caught it left-handed and snapped it on. I held my breath as I plucked the dead rats from behind the pieces of rotting wood and threw them into the bucket. I handed Hermione her glove, and she rolled her eyes at me,mbefore chucking it into the bucket too. "I don't want that," she said, sounded disgusted. We all laughed at her frankness. "So ___," Ron asked, a smirk in his voice, "Did you meet Malfoy in the end?" "Yes," I replied with a laugh, remembering lunch together. "Do tell," he said, raising his eyebrows. "Do you actually want to know?" I asked skeptically. "I'm a guy. Was it good or bad? Do I need to punch him or not?" Oh my God, I thought, can guys be any more ridiculous? "It was good, so leave him alone," I said.
  4. Just as Ron opened his mouth to speak, the door burst open with a loud bang, and the twins danced in, sporting massive grins. "Anything worth salvaging?" George asked. I rolled my eyes at them, and gestured to the bucket of slime. The twins had been looking for old stuff to look at and develop fr their shop, which they were going to set up with the prize money given to them by Harry. I had a feeling Mrs.Weasley would throw a fit when she found out what they actually wanted to do with their lives, but screw her, it would be the making of her sons. "If you want slime, go ahead," I said, not looking in their direction. "But watch out for the dead rats," Ginny said with a grin. I caught George's expression and let out a little laugh. I leant against the slime-free, as of ten minutes ago, wall, and took a break as I watched them. Fred peered over the side of the bucket, which was perched in a rickety, three-legged stool. He wrinkled his nose, and snatched a glove from the floor. He pulled out a few strings of algae-like muck, and wrappe it in the glove, before stuffing it in his over-filling pockets. "D'you want a doggie-bag?" I asked sarcastically. "I'm good thanks," Fred replied with a grin. "Watch out for mum, she's on the prowl," Ron advised. "Thanks little bro," Beorge said, ruffling Ron's hair. Hermione let out a giggle as Ron flattened it with his slime-clad hand, and he blushed bright red. "Bathroom's on the left," Ginny said, doibling over with laughter. I clutched my stomach at his expression, and laughed even harder as a piece of, well, whatever it was trickled down his cheek. "We'll leave you to your fun," George said, grinning widely. I shook my head at him and they departed. I turned back to my task for a few minutes with a sigh. I hardly noticed Ron return, too tired to do more than one thing at once. Mrs.Weasley had had us at it for days, and she'd made us all help tackle a boggart, which had been an utter disaster. In the end, Remus had passed by, and dealt with it for us. Mrs.Weasley had refused to let Sirius do it, which had hurt his feelings, and was such a her thing to do. The tension between them was still thick.
  5. I was snapped out of my thoughts by a loud groan from the doorway. "Any of you done? We could do with a hand," came Harry's voice. I turned round and gave a nod. "No problem. They're so troublesome," I said, more than willing to do something that didn't make my brain explode with boredom. I followed him out, and the quick glance he sent Ginny didn't escape my notice. "Crushing in Ginny hu?" I asked with a light sn-----. Harry blushed and stayed silent, which was answer enough. Potter, I totally busted you, I thought, allowing myself a wide grin. I said nothing though, instead commenting on how hellish this 'cleansing of number twelve' as the twins had nicknamed it, was. "Actually ___, I think it's the most fun I've had in weeks." I smiled. "Well I'm sure they'll be something interesting going on at Hogwarts. You never can have a quiet year." Harry said nothing for a moment, before asking, "How many people will believe the Prophet?" I was caught slightly of-guard by his question, but I wasn't one to sugar-coat the truth. "I don't know Harry, I really don't, but the truth will prevail eventually. Even the Prophet will be admitting it soon," I said. I didn't mention that that could take any number of months, or perhaps years, by which time Voldermort would have his thumb in the Ministry. Probably more than his thumb, in fact. Our conversation ended when Harry pushed open the door gingerly. Cedric had several pixies caught in a cage, (I guessed he'd transfigured something, as Grimmauld Place didn't seem the kind of house to contain bird cages) and was shooting spells at the rest. Cedric took his attention off the devilish blue creatures for a fraction of a second to grimace at us, and in that moment, all hell broke lose. Pixies grabbed books and antiques from the shelves, they grabbed our hair, scratches at our faces and clothes and tried to steal our wands. "Immobula!" I yelled, remembering the spell Hermione had used in our second year in our Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson with Lockhart. Not a moment I wanted forever etched into my brain, but unfortunately, it was. "Can't believe I didn't thnk of that," Cedric groaned, flopping onto the floor. I laughed a little and pointed my wand at the pixies, shutting them in the cage for someone else to deal with. Its probably by Remus when he dropped by, despite Sirius having the utmost competence when it came to it. Then again, so did Mr.Weasley, but he was out most of the time, working for his tiny part of the Ministry.
  6. "Kingsley's coming tonight," Harry said, "He'll deal with them." "Why can't Sirius do it though?" Cedric asked, "I know Mrs.Weasley doesn't want him to, but so what?" "She rules this place," Harry replied. The two continued to discuss Mrs.Weasley and Sirius, and their hostile relationship. I looked out of the window over the street, and noticed that it was almost dark, and that all the street lamps had flickered on, illuminating the street in a yellow-ish glow. I checked my muggle watch, and let out a sigh. "Have guess what the time is," I said. "Twenty to eight," Cedric said with a grin. "Cheat. Yes, it is. She'd had us at this for nearly eleven hours, and we only stopped for a half-hour lunch!" I complained. "Surely we've done everything?" Cedric groaned, "Or is this house like the tardis?" "It wouldn't surprise me," Harry muttered. Our complaining was interrupted by rather loud mutterings from outside the room. "Mud-bloods and blood-traitors, touching this house. What would my mistress say?" Kreacher muttered. I watched Harry go red with anger, so I laid a comforting hand on his shoulder. "He's not worth it Harry, he's just a house-elf." "It's still offensive," he said through gritted teeth. "Yes, but it doesn't matter," I replied calmly. "Hell to that!" came an angry voice from up the hall, "That's enough Kreacher! Away with you!" Sirius barked. His gaze softened as he turned back to us, and I felt Harry relax considerably under my hand. His Godfather meant more to him than anything or anyone else, and we all knew it. "Come on Harry," Sirius said, motioning him to follow, "Oh, ____? Molly says its your turn to wash up this evening." "You mean tonight Sirius," I corrected him, "You know she's had us at this for over eleven hours?" Sirius chuckled. "I haven't escaped that, I've done my fair share. I've had to sort through all the junk my parents left, and help the twins keep their stuff out of Molly's gaze." We all laughed at that, and he tapped the side of his nose with a grin on his face, before bidding us goodbye. He appeared at the door again a few seconds later and grabbed the cage of pixies. I gave him the thumbs up. "About time."
  7. I looked around the room properly, and was slightly surprised by it's character. An old-fashioned cabinet stood on one side, varnoshed mahogany, holding pretty plates at dishes with intricate details on them, probably hand-made. The floor was covered in a cream carpet, which had been scrubbed clean by Harry and Cedric earlier that day. The walls were covered with a light blue wallpaper, and a large window sat in one wall, giving you a good view of the street. A plush, poppy-red sofa sat against one wall, near to where the cage had just sat on the stool, and a silky white armchair sat tucked in one corner by the cabinet. I looked out of the street, thinking about the events over the summer, about the return of Voldermort, and about all the people I could lose. All my friends, my family, Ariella, my boyfriend... I was snapped from my internal musings when a toned arm wrapped itself around my waist. Cedric rested his chin on my head, and it was the first time that I noticed how tall he was. I couldn't be classified as short, at five foot six, but I wasn't a giant either. Cedric was more than a heads taller than me; he had to be a little over six foot. I leant my head back against him and we stood there for a moment, just revelling in being with each other in peace for a few blissful moments. The Sun had set fully now, and the moon let out its milky glow onto the world below. Grimmauld Place wasn't beautiful by any means, but it was quiet, and it was peaceful. "It's your birthday quite soon, isn't it?" Cedric murmured, his voice quiet in the silent room. "Mm, the fifteen of September," I answered, my voice no louder than his. I shifted my gaze from the stree outside to the reflection of his face in the glass. His light brown hair was dishevelled as usual, and his grey eyes were searching my face for something. They met my own emerald eyes, and burned with a fiery intensity. I turned in his embrace and pressed a kiss to his lips. He smiled at me, his eyes still searching mine for something. "____," he murmured, stroking down the length of my cheek, leaving goosebumps in his wake. "Yes?" I breathed. He lowered his gaze and looked down, shaking his head slightly. I said nothing. If he wanted to say it, he would, and I wasn't about to pressure him.
  8. Cedric shook his head slightly again, before raising his gaze back to mine. "I'm s-" he began, but I cut him off. "Don't you dare complete that sentence. If you don't want to say whatever it was, that's fine. There's no need to apologise," I said sternly. I was reminded of one of the first real, non-quidditch-related conversations I'd had with Cedric, less than a year ago just after he'd put his name in the Goblet of Fire. He'd apologised for not remembering I was in the Griffendor quidditch team, and I had cut him off, before telling him not to apologise about it. Cedric smiled. "I'm getting a sense of déjà vu ___," he said. "Me too, just without the elephant giving Hermione looks," I said, gagging. Cedric chuckled at my antics. "Is she still writing to him?" "I don't think so, but you never know. They were smitten with each other, unfortunately," I said, rolling my eyes. Cedric laughed again, and hugged me to him, kissing the top of my head. "Not as smitten as I am with you," he replied. Cue blush. I smiled against his chest, and I felt a strange, warm, fuzzy feeling grown inside of me, spreading out through my body. Cedric looked down at my neck and smiled slightly, his fingers moving towards it. He brushed the necklace he'd given me the last Christmas at midnight during the Yule Ball, and I smiled at him in wonder. "You still wear it," he said. "All the time," I answered, "That's a lie. Whenever it's practical to." We both laughed again, and I fiddled with it nervously. Why I was nervous, I had no idea. Cedric caught my fumbling fingers in his hand and traced patterns on the back of my palm. "You expecting to join me as a prefect this year?" he asked. In all honesty, I'd completely forgotten that two prefects would be chosen. "Not really. It'll probably be Hermione and Harry. I don't mind though," I said truthfully. "Does Harry want that responsibility with everything that's going on?" "I don't know Cedric. Perhaps it's what he needs to take his mind off of it once in a while," I replied. I hadn't thought about that either. "I saw Storm before I came here; coincidence," Cedric said, randomly. "How is he?" "Obsessed, Arianna-centred, irritating, and somehow, he's my best friend." I giggled, and Cedric mock-glared at me. "Are you laughing at me Rivers?" he asked. I shook my head, but I couldn't stop laughing at his expression. Cedric moved his hands from my waist and began to tickle me. "No!" I cried, tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks as we fell to the floor. "Please!" "I'll stop if you tell me I'm not unintentionally amusing," he ordered. "You're not," I gasped, "Unintentionally," giggle, "Amusing." Finally, his hands moved from my sides, and his lips were on mine. Those wonderful, familiar fireworks erupted inside me, and I kissed him back. We parted, and both of us were wearing enormous grins.
  9. Our bubble of joy was popped when we heard a door slam downstairs, and a shout from the kitchen. Cedric offered me his hand as we stood up, and I excepted it graciously, anxiously peering out of the room. Sirius was storming up the stairs, fury written all over his face. He didn't notice us watching his as he stomped past and shut himself in his room, which was just across the corridor. I pecked Cedric on the lips, before following Sirius. I knocked softly on his door. "What?" he snapped. "It's just me Sirius," I called. "Come in ____," he sighed. I pushed his door open and closed it softly behind me, taking a tentative step into the room. "What happened?" I asked softly. "I can't take my own Godson to his hearing," he muttered. "Why?" I asked, "Can't you just...transform?" I didn't know what the technical term was, but that seemed to suffice. "Yes, but I'm not allowed to. They all ganged up on me this time, not just Molly. Well, all except for Remus and Harry, but of course Harry's opinion counts as nothing, as far as they're concerned," he said bitterly. "It's ok," I whispered. "No," he said angrily, "It's not. James and Lily made me Harry's Godfather so that I could look after him if something happened. And I failed. I can't look after him, because the Ministry still want me for something I didn't do," he said, tugging at him hair, "What kind of Godfather am I ___? I'm a failure." Sirius looked helpless as he stared at me, his face drawn, his eyes pained and tired, his whole being crushed and haggard. He needed the truth. "Sirius, I'm not just saying this, believe me. Harry thinks the world of you. He doesn't need you to accompany him to everything, he needs someone he can trust and talk to. He needs someone that cares for him, and that knows his past, his present, and his future as well as he does, if not better. To him, that's you. He said, at the end of last year, that ed never been happier to see you in Dumbledore's office. He considers you the father he never had," I said, not shifting my gaze from his. Wen I finished, Sirius hugged me lightly. "Thank you," he said, "I needed to hear that." I smiled, "No problem."
  10. "Dinner!" Mrs.Weasley hollered from downstairs. I looked at Sirius, who's expression reflected mine. "I thnk I'll pass this," I said. Sirius nodded, agreeing. "You go ____. I have a Godson to talk to," he said, smiling. I grinned at him and left his room with his, parting when we reached the stairs. I turned to go up to my shared room with the girls. I pushed open the door and saw Cedric sitting on my bed, twirling my wand between his fingers. I snatched it from his grasp, and he raised an eyebrow at me. "Mine," I said, childishly. "Mine," Cedric countered, brandishing his own wand from the pocket of his jeans. I nodded, and we burst out into peals of laughter. "Passing dinner?" he asked, and I replied with the affirmative. We spent the next few minutes discussing various things, from light-hearted chatter, to deep conversations about recent events. Eventually, we got into the topic of the second challenge. "I was so scared when I realised what it was down there, and I was even more scared when I considered that I wouldn't be able to reach you in time," Cedric said quietly, "I was scared that the girl I love would be taken away from me, stupid I kn-" Cedric stopped suddenly, looking to me with a panicked expression. Had he actually just said that? Did Cedric Diggory just say he loved me? My heart-rate sped up considerably, and I began to panick, knowing I needed to say something. Did I love him? I thiught about how he made me feel; the fireworks, the laughter, the safety, the trust...the love. Yes, I thought, I did love him. It hadn't been love at first sight, but it had gone that way, more or less, from the beginning. I didn't love him at the Yule Ball, but it was oh-so-very-close. "Say something," Cedric begged me quietly. "I love you too."
  11. *vulturemonem* Hello! Well I must say, I hand planned those 'I love you' s, but the characters had other ideas. They were arguing with me, and I gave in. What d'you think? I'm not giving much away, but I'm going to say that it will be a bumpy ride for '____' before she finds peace in the world of magic, so don't give up on me yet! Please give me your thoughts! xXvulturemonemXx

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