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  • I can't say I like Cedric as a romantic interest, but you play out the scenes so brilliantly you can almost change my opinion. The emotions, the detail, just everything is perfectly written. I can't wait for part 25!

  • I liked this edition and I must also add, I'm not a particular Cedric fan but after reading this, I really felt for him. I agree with @music826, you really know how to play with scenes. (:

  • OHMIGOSH! I re-read that part to make sure it was, indeed, a Doctor Who reference! This is officially my favorite quiz. XD

    Also Cedric is not my first choice, but he is an adorable boyfriend.

  • AAAHHH!!! I totally saw that Dr. Who reference there! Yay, another Whovian, perhaps?!

    I don't think I have to tell you who I got. Tomorrow's the six-month anniversary!!!

  • I would rather date Ron, Draco, one of the twins, or Harry than the sparkly hufflepuff who is Cedric Diggory


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