2019 Time Capsule

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Thread Topic: 2019 Time Capsule

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    Hiccstrid Senior
    Hey Via! How's life in the great beyond?

    I cannot believe you're 17 years old, gurl! Come October you'll be a legal adult, yikes. Hopefully you've started to act more like it.

    Honestly, I don't have much to say. All I know about you for sure is that you've graduated college. Bravo, chiquita. Way to be an overachiever.

    Here's my semi-official 2019 to-do list:
    • Stay single (pfft, that's a given!)
    • Watch HTTYD 3
    • Level up to Hot Shot
    • Do something relatively important involving piano
    • Pick up flute again
    • Get a driver's license
    • Get a job
    • Win BB
    • Weigh less than 130 lbs at some point in time
    • Convince Mom to let me have an iPhone
    • Crack down on learning Spanish again
    • Write (and complete!) a fanfiction

    If you've done less than five of these: Meh, at least you're still normal and human. Adulting is for suckers anyway.
    If you've done at least five of these: Wow, looks like 2019 was a good year! You've got nothing to be ashamed of.
    If you've done at least eight of these: DANG GURL! You've sure been living it up and maturing at the same time! I always knew 2019 would be your special year.

    Really, my biggest hope for you is that you're enjoying life to its fullest and making the most of it. I hope you're more mature and less self-obsessed than I am now.

    Keep calm and love HTTYD. But don't forget to love on other people too.
    ~Keep a weather eye on the horizon~

    Your 2019 self,
    Via/Hicc/Spaghetti O
    (I'm having an identity crisis, help!)

    Today I take my own advice and make the most of it
    Too many times my choices have been guided by my fears
    Into the dark and unknown water I will sink or swim
    Like a blade of grass reaching for the sun
    I'm ready to begin
    I keep on climbing
    Up against the wind
    Tonight the sky is calling
    Are you ready
    Are you ready
    To fly on your own?
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    Kelly Neko Novice
    Hey it's me 17 year old Kelly. by the time you get this you'll be an adult. I'm doing really well Right now I in a pop trio and we wrote our first song. Flames Forever, but we're still having problems making a music video about it. I wonder what it came out as. but right now I haven't gotten over my fears. you know what they are. Right I'm still working on dance but I started a music club at school. I love working with music and maybe Me, Mika and Kiyara can become a pop trio. Right I'm still fighting with Zoryra. If you still are talk with her tell her you're sorry for what you did. Take Collage seriously by the way.
    Best Wishes, Kelly
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    The Actual Boss Advanced
    ey, dumb---. short list for you to take in consideration: (unless you failed them already)

    1. Don’t lose your liscense
    2. stop b----ing
    3. Smile more
    4. Stop moping around
    5. Stop eating too much french fries when stressed out
    6. Go to a doctor
    7. Get a better job
    8. finish college without being a mopey b----ass about it.
    9. Drink beer only with friends and family
    10. Stop your destructive behavior or i’ll kick your ass
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    1714 Hot Shot
    1. nigga toilet
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    Stardust1 Advanced
    Hey, you.
    I'm just going to keep this short. I didn't really put in a list of things to do in the last capsule, so I guess I made it easy on myself. Honestly, this year I didn't really make an resolutions. However, I wanted to pick a word to think about for 2019, and the word I picked was joy. Whatever your circumstances were for 2019, I hope you still managed to keep joy through it all. And hopefully you've survived your first year of adulthood. Also, you better have gotten that job at Publix, or at least a job...anywhere. And I hope you applied for college, because honestly, stop procrastinating it! And also... Hang on to your friends. I've become pretty detached from everyone I know, and I'm telling you to not let that happen. That's about all the advice I have atm so good luck in life.
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    dude you said this in 2017:
    hi past me
    wow youre not dead
    hope youre not depressed like always you lil onion
    k bye lol oof

    that did not happen, but you did get a lot closer with your best friend. you had your first mental facility stay, you started therapy, you tried ten billion different medicines, discovered a health issue or two, but you're still here! congratulations on that because I know how hard some days can be, but that's not evey day. some days are fantastic, like new years. remember that day. [you know.] oh and you also started college and began playing not one but two new instruments! you're so incredible and you just don't even realize it. you're so strong. continue on and try to be happy. lol bye
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    1714 Hot Shot

    because this thread is stale lmao
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    1714 Hot Shot
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    Just_Fluffy Novice
    Hello future me,
    I hope you're not dead. What a great way to start your introduction!
    Anyway, I hope you got accepted into your top choice high school and that you're enjoying your first year. Hope the new campuses (both of them) are nice and you didn't get lost or anything. Knowing you, you probably did. Hope your friends are doing well. Hope they stopped complaining about stupid things sometime this year, but honestly that's just an unreasonable hope. Hope you did well on the test/finals/interview/SAT/GPA. Hope you are happy and appreciating your last year in middle school. Hope your friends are alive. Hope you are confident and becoming a leader. Hope you got into at least one high school and are not going to a trashy public school right now. I hope F1 got into her top choice or else she would be complaining and blaming herself and complaining and I'll never see the end of that. I hope N2 is better at self control and is not doing his nasty habit anymore (or at least less). I hope K2 gets better at not blurting stuff out and unintentionally offending people. I hope everyone is happy and I have new friends. I hope I have great teachers and am not too overloaded on homework. It is of course freshman year so hopefully not?
    Ok. Enough hoping. Did I get my letter back from Yosemite? Did Trump win the election again? Wait that's for next year never mind.
    Goals for this year:
    1. Have fun.
    2. Spend less time on your phone.
    3. Keep your friendships. Forge new ones.
    4. Keep doing piano.
    5. Write a short story or novel at some point.
    6. Continue being on GTQ.
    7. Eat gooder.
    8. Don't die.
    9. Spend time with your family.
    10. Continue your self exploration stuff.
    13. Eat more cake.

    And most importantly, does the new campus have a dumpster?
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    Faceless Knight Experienced
    ya better be able to at least kind of speak polish. how do you like your gun?
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    Future Seth:

    Reading back on this, you're probably thinking "Wow! I was so stupid and naive." In fact, after you read this and write up your 2020 capsule, 2221 Seth will likely read yours and think the exact same thing. That's okay. Just know that, as of right now, I am so so proud of you. So is everyone else important in your life. You have come so far from the insecure, anxious, mistreated child you were when you joined this website. It's been a few weeks on sertraline and I'm happy to announce that it's working magnificently. You feel so much more alive. You fear death again. You can talk casually with your classmates. You feel like a real person. Everything seems so much better now. Even school is going surprisingly well. I hope that a year from now, the medicine is still working and you're still happy, though likely stressed. I hope that future Jonathon is there too and that you're still able to make him as happy as you do now. Say hello to your little sister for me. She probably misses you so much, though she'd never admit it. Visit her and hug her for me if you can.

    Here's to a bright future,

    Past Seth
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    PointlessDreams Experienced
    Alright, b----face, it’s been a year and.. Wow, it’s been a wild one. I’ll recap for you, just in case you forgot:
    In January, you took another play to Thespian and got a Superior, even though you received a lower score. You also received an excellent in both of the acting competitions you participated in. It was your last time going, but you were grateful for it.
    In February and March, not much happened. Not that you remember anyways.
    In April, your highschool preformed two plays that you wrote. They were the first student plays ever performed at your school, so CONGRATS, hun. Good job.
    You graduated May 19th! Like, with a diploma sksksks. It’s… Not something you ever saw happening. You were so sure you’d kill yourself before high school ended, but hey, that’s actually not going to be your story.
    Later in May, you went to Jackson, Mississippi to stay for a week at the national forest. It was.. A magical experience. You missed camping, and hiking was fun. You met the absolute coolest guy, Sam, who matched every single bullet point on your perfect boyfriend list. Alas, you had a threesome with him and now will probably never speak to him again. Good note, though: You know your insanely high expectations can be met by the right person… Well, maybe. Maybe Sam was the one and you missed it. Skkskk.
    Uh, I’m just gonna tell you, June to October was the biggest mistake you’ve ever made. You know what I’m talking about. All of it. But it’s done with. You’re back on track and leaving that part of your life behind. Yeah, you’re lonely without any friends in town, but you’ve got the team you need, even if they’re behind a screen. I really hope the three of you keep dealing with your problems. There’s been a good bit of jealousy and fighting, recently, but you’ve all gotten over it quickly. I have faith in you.
    You realized you don’t like people touching you. You’re asexual, isn’t that something your horny-fifteen-year-old-self never saw coming? Skkkk, dumb hoe.

    Right now you’re working in a kitchen at a nursing home as a cook. It’s a hard job, but you adore your co-workers, and it pays well. I’m not sure how long you’ll be there, right now you’re saying long enough to save up for a truck. I know that’ll take less than a year. What did you get? I’m excited to see it. (sksksks)
    You’re living at your grandpa’s. It’s not the best but you have a room to yourself that you’re slowly making your own. Right now all of your belongings are under your bed or in the closet, but you’re going to get a desk and bookshelf soon, so that’ll be solved quickly.
    You want to go back to college but it isn’t time yet. When you do, you’re going for an English degree. The goal is to move to Colorado and teach there. Maybe this time you’ll do it right. I believe in you and I have a feeling you’ll have made loads of progress by the time you read this.

    If not, what the absolute f---. I set you up for success, you b----, all you had to do was put forth like the *smallest* amount of effort. The hell.

    If so, go get it, girl! I wish you the best, me.

    (Oh, your coworkers are calling you Bea now. You like it.)

    So, here’s to not ruining 2019, Bea. Goodluck.
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    BloodOnMyHands Experienced

    You will be 20 years old so please don't be on this site next year it's for your own good and honestly if you're reading this in 2020 u will feel a little piece of me die because that will mean you have been on this site for s e v e n years of your life

    Um, currently your dumb younger self is writing this on 1/10/19 and has a hardcore flu going on. I've spent the holidays at Nathaniel's place with his family, I hope you two are still friends. You also have crippling depression because your dad is selling the house you spent your high school years living in because he's retiring and moving to New York with your step mom. You currently have all your junk from that house, that which you could fit, and have it in your car which you will have to probably sell anyway because you can't take it back to your dorm. I hope you got through this stage and that the actions I take this semester dont mess up your future.

    You passed all your classes and have a solid almost 4.00 gpa. Sure, I might be an idiot but at least I know the worth of college.

    Oh oh oh you have been gaining weight! I'm currently @ 111 lbs. I think that's because our metabolism is getting slower, though. Buuttt on the bright side to that, you look like an actual desirable creature now. My goal is for us to be at 120 lb by next year so we can start looking into recruiting.

    I don't know why i made this so long if i honestly dont want you to be here next year to read this but like yeah hope the best for us and i hope you find a good significant other to date for a long time not a short time period bye bye Jae
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    ello Advanced
    I can't see myself a year from now
    I don't have 2020 vison!
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    alex3000 Senior
    Never done this before and I don't remember this being a thing, but, I'll try it out, I suppose. Lately a years has been able to alter my entire world view pretty easily, so lets see what it's like.

    Hi there, future me. Can't believe you remembered to come back and see this. Or maybe you're on here more often now, I don't know. 2018 hasn't really been the best year. The first quarter was good, but the latter three quarters really put you through hell. I'm sorry to remind you. Or maybe, by next January, it won't hurt anymore, again, I don't know. But "You have no idea how right you were" is often something I say now to fears I had in the past that I was only scared could happen, but ended up actually happening. Even as I drag myself into 2019, a new semester, and the new world I find myself in, I still cry at yesteryear's troubles. Often.
    My first album releases tomorrow. By the time you read this again you will probably cringe at it, but eh, it's part of the learning process I suppose.
    Back in my day you were listening to a lot of SoulExtract, Celldweller and of course, Starset., And Scandroid. And some Darkstronaut.
    You finally got the DeepMind and the Apollo set up in the back room, as well as the mic, and a few days ago Dad set up the shelf for those pretty good monitors you got for only $150. So, you certainly have a nice setup, although the crackling and beeping issue isn't resolved yet, ugh.
    I'm sure my issues will seem petty compared to your issues. Hell, you might be driving by the time you read this. Maybe even living on your own...although I wouldn't be surprised if that one didn't happen, it is only a year after all. But I could have said the same thing about Tasha last January and now...well...everything is different now. So what do I know.
    My existential dread has been growing. I'm nocturnal when I can be but regardless, sometimes when I should be sleeping, when I know I should be sleeping, I can't because thoughts of why I don't want to die and extremely scary worries about her keep me up. I even only had like 2 hours of sleep before a creative writing club meeting that lasted all day yesterday so I was so exhausted that I literally slept until 5 today, missing another meetup.
    That's another thing, the creative writing club. You're a pretty active member right now. Now as in back in early 2019, that is. These time travelling terms get confusing. They are your friends, just in time for Zane to be distant as ever.
    You've been working on A Wish Upon Our Blackstar and have the first two chapters done. Not that much, but in my time you were still just working on getting the main plot and all the trillions of years of history tamed.
    By the time you read this you will have done another two semesters of college, you're close to being done, if you do those semesters. You're likely going to do the spring semester at this point, despite how badly you need a break.
    Your parents have been nagging at you about getting a new phone. That is quite a reversed dynamic..usually it's the teenager pleading their parents to get a new phone. But, eh...you've always been different. That's what she loved about you.
    Allee will probably have died by the time you read this. It will be hard. Probably harder than I know. And, I'm sorry. Great, now your apologizing to yourself, totally not a sign of insanity...
    I wish I could be more complete about this. I know I'm forgetting some stuff. If the thread is still open when I remember, I'll post it. Try to survive, Alex. For yourself, and for her. When life wants to bring you down, just think about how by getting your s--- together and doing what you need to to succeed, by making it through despite the hardships, you're bringing yourself one step closer to being able to being able to help her, finally being able to make her happy.

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