2019 Time Capsule

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Thread Topic: 2019 Time Capsule

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    Stay optimistic.
  • Bok_Choy Newbie
    Hello! I just joined this site and it's cool.
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    Thats_Just_Josh Advanced
    Don't die or be an ass
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    Thats_Just_Josh Advanced
    To future me
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    d_h Senior
    So it's clear you and I have made it this far, or you have made it this far. If you're reading this, you've made it another year as well, somehow on this site, checking up on it every once in a while, you sure as hell don't use it like you used to main reason why you use, it is to keep notes as of right now, and politics and war on Christmas day, you created the alliance center of offbeat powers, and boy has it ever been a headache I wish you good luck and I hope you and other alliances in your diplomatic skills can get you somewhere great.

    Stepping aside from politics and war, and whenever looking at relationship, wise things I don't think you and Marie are gonna be a thing anymore. To be 100 percent honest, I'm thinking your too gay for that. That s--- hits you like a boomerang on high speed meth. I still to this day I cannot believe that my sexuality Is that its current state?

    As for any friends that I've made over the year, definitely not a lot on this website, but definitely a lot through diplomatic relations in politics, and war, a lot of my friends ever made the same, and that's probably how it's gonna be for the next few years, because, unfortunately, I don't value friendship that much as I should.

    Now that I look back on it, you said you hope that I'm in college and have a decent paying job, well, neither of those are the case right now, because I am currently unemployed and I unfortunately, I'm not in college, and my path of a degree has changed, I don't want to be a psychiatrist. I want to be a game designer, which probably is gonna be terrible considering I'm s--- at math. But I hope, by the time I'm reading this next year, I am in college, or you are in college.

    This year has been a literal s--- hole, and what I do to take it back and redo it all over again would be a ton of things. Emotional wise I hated it. I got my first job as an hvac worker and if the people I were working with were not only liberal but extremely opinionated the other thing was that they were complete a--holes, I didn't like working with them, and whenever I was fired, I didn't have too much of a problem with it, probably because I didn't like them.
    Don't intend on being in Florida much longer, maybe by next year, you've moved out and found a state in the west store in the north, one of the 2, new York, Colorado, Utah, at least you got some family up north, I can't stand being in the s--- hole known as Florida and if you still are in it, I know you can't either I would love to grind at the slopes of snow, but unfortunately, there is no snow in Florida.

    There are so many things I want to do in life to make sure my life doesn't die out just like every other I want to leave a mark, I want to make sure that I enjoy my self in my life, oh, but wait a minute years on top of years of taking a medication that literally damages your dopamine receptors leaves permanent damage, making it very hard to feel happy. And if you are like myself, as of right now, you hate mental medication because of that reason.
    Above all, this message has probably been very very aggressively typed, but that's because I find very, very little time to be happy, I hope this changes in the next year. I'm definitely nothing like I was years ago, whenever I found happiness very minor, that was just because I was edgy. But now I get stressed out every single day. And it needs to stop very soon, so I hope it stops within the next year, here's in hope and prayers that 2019 is a good one in whenever you're reading it, it was a good one.
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    DaughterOfApollo Hot Shot
    I'm just posting this so that way my presence will be known

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    The Actual Boss Advanced
    Dear self,

    i warned ya.. yeah i know you havent screwed up those bullets yet. but man you really screwed up in a different way. i hate you.
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    Jeeshan Hot Shot
    Yo myself,
    your life is getting less screwed. but you still suck. maybe by 2020 try to be less baka than how u r now.
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    maham fatima Junior

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