Introduce yourself to me.

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Thread Topic: Introduce yourself to me.

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    Hiccstrid Senior
    This is kind of a corny thread and even more corny to put it in the front porch but let's see how it goes.

    So basically just tell me about yourself, like you would when you first meet someone. There are a lot of users on here that I don't get to talk to, so I'd like to get to know some of y'all better.

    So yeah.
    Even if you're one of my closest friends on here, I don't know everything about you, so have at it!
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    alex3000 Senior probably know me pretty well so this will be review but I might as well.

    Hi! I go by various names, some call me Alek, others Alex, some even call me by the full version Alexander. I don't mind, even if you call me something else. I'm a bit of weird person, and if you stay around me too long I'll probably either give you a headache or make you sad, so beware. I do have some odd interests, primarily my obsession with outer space. I do art of it, I want to make music about it and show the world, I plan to make a career of it, possibly as a science fiction writer, which I also already do. I love to listen to some odd genres of music too, electronic space-themed rock, cyberpunk/synthwave, darkwave/darksynth, industrial metal...I don't play video games often anymore but when I do they are set in space in one way or another...Oh and I occasionally like to make space themed music videos for, you guessed it, space themed music, big surprise. And I write poetry/lyrics...I bet you can guess what about.

    I'd like to say I'm a nice enough person...I don't get angry easily and I'm very forgiving, in fact probably too much so...And it may all have to do with the fact that I've been hurt a lot in my past. I can talk about it or not, I really don't care.

    And that's another thing. It takes a lot to make me feel anything emotionally unless it sorrow/pain.

    So yeah, that's me. Hi. I'm a wall of text and a huge mess.
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    The Actual Boss Advanced
    hello you can call me Tab, or boss, drudey, or drude. doesnt really matter.
    —> I’m into music more than you could ever guess, i play instruments as a hobby and i prefer to listen to music as a solitary hobby without any distractions because thats how it should be.
    —> i enjoy hanging out with family and friends and loved one because we always have a good time. theyre my antidote. they always always make me laugh or feel better. connections with other people is a must must for me.
    —> im very patient, and hard working, and hardwilled even though i bend easily in times of stress. i can adapt, but its always a tedious process. im aware of the pain of changing or having to cancel a route. and when im angry or upset, i usually need to express my issues to someone, but in a way that tells them im capable of being outward about problems.
    —> im gonna skip any depressing facts about me (because in all honesty lets just say i need either meditation, medication, less alone time, or therapy) and go right on ahead to a random funny fact instead.
    i have this habit of biting my hands/fingers when i get very peeved. of course i only do this when no one is aware im doing it. otherwise theyd think something is wrong. i have a decreased sense of touch on my hands and arms anyway so i cant really hurt myself that way. i bite because if i didnt, i would be trying hard to not grab the closest object and breaking it or throwing it across the room. thats the descriptor for my stress amount. i also have gray hairs from stress, but thats normal for stress i think. the hand biting thing is funny because im not sure if anyone else really does that as a coping mechanism.
    —> me and coffee are best friends. sleep is my second best friend. sometimes my second friend gets a wee bit jealous of my best friend, so he runs away and leaves me and coffee alone together but for too long, man. it causes too much jitteriness and anxiety because sleep always calms me down. other times, coffee gets jealous (and i mean reallllly jealous) of sleep so he slaps sleep right in the face, so hard that sleep grabs me and hugs me for comfort but his overly emotional reactions makes me uncomfortable and depressed. he wont leave me until coffee apologizes. besides these incidents, coffee, sleep and i are one heck of a trio.
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    ello Advanced
    I'm a wreck
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    dannylover321 Senior

    That’s about it I’m weird and boring.
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    Hiccstrid Senior
    Heh y'all are awesome ^^
  • keshamari Newbie
    I'm Ok I guess Ok i'm a little weird
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Hi my name is Lillie / sealia / S_E/ puppet. I’m 15 and turning sixteen next month. I’m female, and I’m attracted to boys and girls. I have autism and adhd, and I’m recovering from anorexia, with the fear of a relapse. I’m prone to social anxiety and meltdowns. I enjoy swimming and I have an arrangement that will allow me to privately use the school’s pool, I do homework on Wednesday at school and one of those days I get to use the pool.
    I’m interested in a lot of different fandomns, and Im interested in art, and drawing.
    I actually enjoy cosplaying, though wigs are an issue for me since I suck at styling them.
    My favourite colour is green, and my least favourite colour isn’t really anything, my dislike ratio changes frequently.
    I enjoy fish, soup and meat also vegetables and fruit, but I despise roast beef dinners, sliced roast beef is fine.
    I enjoy buffets because I’m in charge of my food.
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    Annicetta Advanced
    Okay prepare yourself.
    I'm Annicetta(Adriana)But nobody call me that so I go by Adri Or Anna.I am an anti-social butterfly and I am damn proud of it!Anyways lmao,I'm 13 turning 14 eventually I guess \.-./(plz don't @ me)I'm I like reading,writing and drawing(and unicorns)You know the good s---.I am studying math and science and English literature as I am in the T.A.G(talented and gifted)program at my school.I am Canadian.And my like ethnicity I guess is quite diverse although I am mostly from Central America.My parents are immigrants and I'm proud I guess.Oh and did I mention I LOVE role-playing?
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    Hiccstrid Senior
    Very cool, you guys. Thanks for humoring me :)
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    Spaghetti O Novice
    (Subtly bumping this just to be an ass)
  • as29383 Newbie
    I just have a question for you guys:
    I feel really weird around lisbian and gay people, is that normal?
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Ok I didn’t even mean to post here?
    Anyway no, it’s not normal.

    My yes was for something else Jesusf---

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