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Thread Topic: Introduce yourself to me.

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    I mean, I know that bumping this is kind of useless but feeling weird about being around gays and lesbians it's normal, depending on where you come from. If you were from Canada or California or Florida then there may be something a little wrong if you think that way.

    But if you come from somewhere like Mississippi or India acceptance is still kind of an issue in those places not so much in India anymore, but in the more southern spots of the US it could be understood

    While to introduce myself
    My name is Dawson it's not like everybody, didn't already know that. And if they don't call me that they call me Drake. I am a 19 year old gay man that's currently engaged. (I guess but to my knowledge, it's gonna take a while)

    I love myself some steak and Lamb. I am ironically Christian, I just do not know what Branch I might even be a new Branch considering on how I look at the Bible. Well I may be gay people tend to claim that I have a Conservative view on social policies, but to be honest I'm pretty moderate

    I am infamously known for making typos especially whenever I'm trying to prove a point or write an article which is a weakness of mine. You may have noticed a few typos in this introduction of myself.

    A motto I live by is "I don't care what you do as long as it doesn't affect me" and another motto I live by is " if I haven't offended you yet, don't worry, I'll get to you ":D

    If you've known me for years, you know the type of person I am and you know that generally I make quite a bit of people hate me but that's just because I tell it how it is again, whoops, did my words hurt you lol. In my honest opinion, I think what makes a guy attractive is whatever their formal and a gentleman, not whenever they're cussing up a storm which I'm plenty guilty of whoops.

    When it comes to music, I'm a rocker and a metal head at heart I love myself some Egypt central and saving Abel

    I'm a f---ing maintenance worker at Walmart and I f---ing hate it, because I always have to take out the trash by throwing it into a tower, but I'm not gonna get into that. That's a venting for my own time.

    I absolutely love writing and I love spending late nights talking with my special someone but hey, those are my 2 favorite things without them I would probably sleep all day. Oh, who am I kidding, I sleep all day anyways cause I work overnight. I love hot things. In fact, I'm waiting on an order of ghost peppers and Carolina reaper seeds to come in the mail And I can't think of much else

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