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  • "All right peoples, that's all you'll hear from me for a while. Probably next time I'll come on is my birthday, which is about a month and a..."
  • "Happy two-year anniversary to the best season in the best TV show in the best fandom ever! It's hard to believe that the fifth season of Ra..."
  • "Okay sorry but I have to go. I've been sleep deprived lately, and the phone I'm using to get online has been hanging onto life by a thread ..."
  • "Oh and happy late late bday by the way. I remembered it on June 17 but I couldn't get online and didn't have your email, so...sorry. Jeez ..."
  • "Ah okay. What's your job again? I feel like I should know lol sorry Yayyy! Then you'll live closer to me =D"
  • "Awww...Why you gotta work at 4 in the morning?? Sounds like hell, man Can't give a very good account of myself. Pretty much ju"
  • "WOAH DUDE HI DAWSON SUP BRO Didn't see ya there, sorry. Not a "new" account, but I've logged out of Hiccstrid to let it "
  • "Okay that's all the time I have for now. The 25th is the two-year anniversary of Season 5 of Race to the Edge being released, so I wanted t..."
  • " "
  • "I need some good ol' gifs to really drive home the extent of my frustration with life... one moment please..."
  • "Okay that's the end of what I originally wrote. Holy crap that's some heavy stuff. Still haven't worked through it all and today was an es..."
  • "Okay, seriously, I’m done now. That was my longest rant ever, and I don’t really regret it. It felt good, and I’d gladly do it again if I "
  • "I really should just shut up. It’s not like I have anything else of import to say. Not like anything I said earlier was of import, but I t"
  • "Oh, speaking of future, here’s something a little more lighthearted, I guess. My birthday’s coming up in a little over six weeks. Not supe"
  • "I’m rambling again. I honestly don’t know if any of this will make sense when I read over it later. Will I see this months, years down the"

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