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  • Lets just say this I was one of those people that said yeah right. Well I am hear to tell you there is truth. It has been three days since they arrived only four have shown them self. There are two that show up on each side of my bedroom door an elderly women and a white man about 40. Then there is an African twosome that are all dressed up on their native outfits one sings and the other plays the drum. I must say was was so afraid the first time I saw them I immediately called a company that specializes in this forum and he was able to answer most of my question. My husband thinks I nuts so I am going to set a micro recorder to record the sounds. That hovering stream of them is pretty crazy.

  • It says 6-10, but wear ate there first family in this house. I haer my name being yelled and whispered alot, weird sounds from my attic, my sink poured black liquid earlier, and my doors open nd close out of nowhere all there time. I also feel pople watching me I fell people anout it but they think I'm crazy. Last night I left my dsi tablet brush phone ipad iphone and brush i n a corner for proof when I was home alone, I went out for a drive for 10 minutes but when I came backeverything n that corner and my whole room was in my closet! What should I do?! Help

  • Its not a pity joke I always hear foot steps and closing n opening of doors from upstair since the uper flour is empty I feel sum1 is standing behind me when thr is no1 I saW shadows roaming my younger bro alwaz tells sum 1 enterd the kitchen I found my games open when I kept my phn locked and alar clock rings and slows down on own and I saw 120% that my mother is in kitchen but when went outside she was ther and hence v have single door and I hear my name being whispered when I am alone what the hell is this I wana no tell me plz if u can plz

    maiyra williams
  • Not sure/unexplainable. I know for sure I got ghosts I experienced way to many things not to believe in them not being here but I honestly don't mind it at all it's actually kinda cool. Cool quiz anyways mate.

  • Your Result: Yes 90%

    Yes, there are 16 or more ghost living in you'r house. Should you be afraid? No, they can not harm you in any way. You could be scared and have dreams of them a lot but, to you their not really there. You can probly feel chills a lot,see shadows or even hear things. But, because you cannot see them, It does not even matter!

    89% Not Sure
    81% Yes
    71% Yes
    37% Yes
    33% Not Any
    Im nervous. Aaaaaaahh!

    Lucy Rascal
  • I've been taking these quizzes for a while now, but to take this quiz and to have the result "Not Any" makes me so unafraid and relieved. I'm so glad there are so ghosts in my home. What a relief... :)

  • Are there any ghost in you'r house?
    Your Result: Yes

    Yes, there are about 1-5 ghosts wandering around and living inside you'r home. Can you see them? Obviously not. But they are there. Do they watch you sleep? No, They just rest peacefully in you'r home.

  • oooh there are ghosts in my house x}

    my whole family thinks so actually but nothing weird has happened for a while... hmmm....

    good quiz!!! :)

  • 6-10 GHOSTS IN MY HOUSE?!?!? f---!!! Did someone die in my house before? Hmmm.....well we are the second family to live here, the people here before was an old couple. Maybe they had a friend who died here??? I'm confused now and scared O.O

  • Well at least the ghosts aren't creeping me. But that's cool.

  • It says maybe UH-OOH

  • Laaaaame


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