Are There Any Ghost in You're House?

Do you believe in ghost? Do you think there in your house? Thanks to this amazing quiz you can find out today! Just take this out going quiz to see if there are other visitors living with you!

I hope you would enjoy this amazing quiz that can change everything. Stop dreaming about ghost living in your home, today figure out if there really is!

Created by: KkoolKattz
  1. During this quiz you HAVE TO say all of the TRUTH or your results will come out wrong. Okay?
  2. Do you have a attic?
  3. When your home alone, do you ever hear anyone yelling your name, or whispering it?
  4. Do you have any broken walls or a broken wooden front or back porch?
  5. Do you ever hear or see your dog(s) barking at something in the air?
  6. When you standing somewhere in your home, Do you ever feel a chill go across your whole body?
  7. Do you have a basement?
  8. When you go to sleep at night do you ever put a object (like a phone, keys, hairbrush etc.) in a certain area and wake up and its somewhere else?
  9. Have you ever experienced seeing different color water (like red or black) come out of you sink, tub or hose?
  10. Do you ever dream of yourself being seriously injured or dying?
  11. Has anyone in your family died in the past year?
  12. Has anyone in your family got married in he last year?
  13. Has there been a lot of bugs in your house lately?
  14. Have you ever had lights in your house going on and off?
  15. Do you think there are ghost in your house?

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