Yet Another Love Quiz.... Part 2

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The second part of my first quiz!!! Enjoy!!!

Created by: satan and emos

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  1. Just after you nod you hear wicked laughter coming from your closet. You jump onto the bed and the guys surround you, all staring at the closet door, which is now rattling on its hinges. "___, stay here!" Aaron yells. As he walks up to the closet the door flings open. Standing there is Raine.
  2. Raine grins,"How ya'll doing?" Mason curses under his breath and turns into an eagle. "Woah. I'm not here to destroy your life at the moment 'k?" Raine's grin slips from her face. "I only came to see what I'm gonna kill." Jason snarls,"Leave now Raine, or we'll let Mason go to town on your hideous face." Mason screeches and flaps his wings, then comes to rest on your bed post. Raine frowns," Well that's not very nice. I just wanted your girlfriend to see the extent of my power." As she says this she turns into a cobra. Raine hisses and starts to slither towards you.
  3. Jason turns into a Golden Retriever and jumps over the bed, planting his paws on Raine's head. Raine hisses again," Let me go! I was only going to scare her!" Jason snarls and looks up at you, judging your reaction to the snake. You reach down and poke Raine's eye, jumping back as she snaps at your hand.
  4. Raine lets out an angry hiss, (nothing new right?), then theres a puff of smoke and she's gone. The boys turn back into their original forms and sit down on the bed. You hug them, relieved that everything is now okay. "What's wrong with her?" you mutter. "Everything you can possibly imagine, she's sick and twisted in ways that no one even knows about too," Mason replys with a slight grin. He leans towards you and pecks you on the cheek, then gets up and goes downstairs. Jason does the same, except on the opposite cheek. Aaron watches Jason leave and kisses you,"I'll see you later, babe." He follows suit and heads on downstairs. Kade shifts awkwardly on the bed, "Um, ___, can I ask you something?" "Sure." " Well, who do you pick so far?"
  5. Your door closes, and Aaron yells up to you," Yes, that was me!" Kade smiles slightly and kisses you. You smile back and rest your head on his shoulder. He grabs the remote and turns the T.V. on. "What do you wanna watch __?" You shrug so he turns on the news. After about ten minutes of it your starting to get bored of it so you turn on your Ipod which was in your pocket and start listening to:
  6. Whatever it was you and Kade are now listening to your Ipod. You lie down with a sigh. Kade lies down next to you and cuddles up to you. He reaches over you and turns it up louder, then starts to kiss along your jaw. You know where this is going. Kade gets on top of you and starts to kiss your neck.
  7. You let out a shuddering sigh of contentment. He pulls you under him farther and starts to take your shirt off. When it's about half way off the door opens and in comes Jason, followed closely by Aaron and Mason. "Get out Jason! We all agreed that Kade got to go first!" Mason yells. Jason rolls his eyes,"I think five minutes is enough." Kade scowls," Well then you'll only get five." He gets off of you." ___, meet me outside by the front door at seven." He glares at Jason and walks down the stairs.
  8. Jason apoligizes and they all go downstairs so you can get ready. Looking at your clock it's already 4 in the afternoon. You start to dig through your closet and through you drawers, and you pull out: (to wear on your date)
  9. You go into the bathroom, take a shower, and put on your makeup. You walk downstairs and all the guys are sitting at the table arguing over soemthing. Finally, Kade spots you,"___! You look great." Jason rolls his eyes and walks out of the room. Aaron looks at Kade apologetically and him and Mason go after Jason. Kade comes up to you,"You want to start the date early?" "Sure. I just hope Jason's okay." "He'll be fine, he does this all the time." Kade and you walk out to his car and drive off to a cafe. You spend a quiet evening there, and when you get back to the house you both go straight to Kade's room. After about an hour of cleaning it so books weren't scattered all over the place, you both lie on his bed and start making out.
  10. Hehe, a quiz isn't complete without a cliffhanger ;)! Are you gonna rate and comment?

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