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This is yet another love story quiz thing, so yeah. Enjoy!

Created by: Hailey

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  1. Sorry to ask this, but what's your favorite color? (out of these)
  2. Now for the story: You're on your way to school with your best friend Jaime. On the way there you two are talking about what you're going to do over the weekend, and as it stands right now you're both free.
  3. "Ugh, why can't it already BE the weekend?" you complain. Jaime ignores you, staring at Jason, the school's most popular guy. "Hello? Earth to Jamison?" you finally note that she isn't listening,"Hey! Why don't you just go ask him out if your so obsessed?"(Sorry for the crappy storyline)
  4. Well, the school day goes by fast, and your walking home without Jaime because she had an afterschool thing. As you reach the corner of your street, you stop, feeling watched. Out of nowhere something knocks you out, and the last thing you comprehend is the heavy breathing of some very large animal.
  5. When you wake up you're in a big, comfy bed, and the room you're in is huge. The walls are a light blue color, the wooden furniture is a dark cherry color, and the rug is lilac. You also notice that there is a guy standing over you, watching you with an even stare. "____! You're awake!" He has green eyes, and light brown hair that is spiked up a bit in the front. " What the! How do you know me! And where am I!" you yell wide-eyed.
  6. Just then the door opens, and three other guys walk in. "She's up!" one yells. "Hmm, before you say anything ___, let us introduce ourselves." "Fine." you mutter. The one standing closest to the door has grey eyes and black hair flipped over one eye, "I'm Mason, and um..." "Don't say that yet dude." the one closest to the dresser warns. "Anywho, I'm Aaron." Aaron has brown eyes and dark brown hair, and skin to match. Jason rolls his blue eyes," Yeah, she knows me already." He grins and flips his blond hair out of the way. The guy sitting on your bed says," I'm Kade, and I'm the smartest in our group." Mason looks falsly offended, then bursts out laughing because he can't hold it in. So who do you like?
  7. "Cool" you say, "Um, apparently you all already know me, so where am I and what did you stop Mason from saying?" Aaron takes a deep breath, looking at Kade for approval. When Kade nods, there's a flash of light and Aaron is a dark brown bear. You gasp, and Aaron says," This is what I stopped Mason from telling you. We can all turn into different animals, and we all have our seperate powers. Oh, and right now you're in the middle of nowhere, so don't try running off." Another flash of light and Aaron is himself again. "So, can I ask what you all can turn into, and what powers you have so I can figure out my purpose here?" They guys all nod, and inbetween flashes of light, you see fur and feathers and scales.
  8. Where the guys were are four different animals: a bear, which is obviously Aaron, an owl, a Golden Retriever, and a black wolf. You decide to guess which animal fits which person. You point at the bear,"You're Aaron, then next is Kade, then Jason, and then Mason?" Four more flashes of light and the boys are standing there, "Yep you are ___" Mason replys. "But, I saw scales within the flashes, and all that was left were what you four are. So, what was it?" The guys all glance at each other uneasily, then they all run downstairs except for Kade, who stays with you. "What's going on!?" you demand. Kade sighs,"That was Raine, and she's trying to kill you. She can turn into a snake." Then you hear a hiss and growls from downstairs, figuring that the guys caught Raine. Then you hear banging on the stairs, and all the guys come back into your room, battered and bruised, but safe.
  9. You run up to them and hug them all,"I'm so happy you guys are safe!" Jason blushes and smiles at you," Yeah, well, we need you to be safe. Or else we will live like this forever." Kade shoots him a look and turns to you,"That's why we brought you here ___. We need you to live for a full year with us and then we need you to marry one of us. Otherwise, we'll live like this forever." The boys all nod in agreement. "Ok, I will. I'll stay here until you guys are free." The boys smile when you say that, happy they didn't have to force you into it. "So, what about your powers? I was never showed them." Jason turns towards Mason, who has a large gash going down his arm. He then puts his arm over it and a gold sparkly light comes from under his hand. When he takes his hand back, the wound is healed. "I can heal things" he says, then walks around and starts healing all the bruises and such on each of the guys. Kade studies your face for a minute, then speaks," ___, your thinking of how hot Jason and Aaron would look without a shirt on." You blush, knowing he's right."Let me guess, you can read minds?" Correcto mungo, my sweet" he replys, grinning. Aaron smirks and your door slams shut. You jump, and Aaron says" I'm telekinetic, that means I can control things with my mind." Theres a flash of black light from Mason, and where he was standing is a flaming horse. Another flash of black light and Mason is himself again. "I can turn into any animal I want" he explains. You nod.
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