Who Killed Katie Williams? part 2

I hope you liked part 1 and i hope you liked part 2. Their is still more to come. Stay to for part 3. oh yeah i all most forgot please rate and comment.

Please rate and comment. Stay for part 3. Their is still more to come. I hope you like part 1 and i hope you liked part 2. Thanks for taking my quiz. bye

Created by: magicmovement

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  1. When you wake you see the boys and the necklcae. "Who are you?" you say in shock.
  2. "Im James" one said. He was goth and had spiked black hair. "Im Jay". He was emo and had like 8 tatoos. "Im Jake." He was emo too, he had short black hair.
  3. "What are you doing in my house?" you ask. "Anjelica is our sister." says Jake. "We just wanted to know what you guys were talking about." James said. "Well all she said was that she's sorry about my sister." you say.
  4. "Oh ok" Jay says. "We are really sorry we didnt mean to break into your house." James says. "Its ok" you say. Then they leave, so you go back to sleep. Now you see that same girl and she's dead. Someone takes that diamond heart shaped necklace.
  5. Then you see a girl asleep and she looks just like Katie. Then you realize it is Katie! You wake up sweating. "Was Katie killed in her sleep?" you wonder. You decided to go back to the dream. You see a somone walking towards Katie with a knife. They stab her over and over again. Then you see them put her in a plastic bag. They get into a car, but someone else is driving.
  6. Then you wake up and call Michael. You tell him everthing, about the dream,the necklace, and those werid boys. Then you realize you're still wearing the necklace. "I have to call you back" you tell him. "Ok,bye." he says. You grab your scraf and wrap the necklace in it. Then the door bell rings. "Dad's home." you wonder. Half way down the sairs you realize you dad has a key, why is he ringing the door bell?
  7. You walk to the door,you look throw the pephole but you dont see anyone.
  8. Then you open the door...
  9. No ones there, then Edwin jumps out of no where.
  10. 'What th heck, that wasnt funny!" you yell. "Sorry' he says laughing. "What do you you ask. "I just wanted to see if you were ok" Edwin says. "Im fine ok" you mummble.
  11. Then he leaves
  12. You go back to sleep. Then you see a different girl in her room sleep. Someone walks up and grabs her neck,their killing her! You wonder who that girl was. Its not Katie and its not Anjelica. Its .... go to part 3 to find out.

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