The Diary Of Sofia Williams (Part 1?)

Hi! In this quiz, you will be a girl named Sophia Williams! Read about her story and follow the plot lime as she makes friends, finds allies, and discovers who she truly is.

The newest peacelovepie quiz is sure to keep you on your toes! With all of peacelovepies's expertise in making quizzes (none) and her talent in writing (she is terrible at writing) you will definetly enjoy! (I hope.) Leave a smile if you want a part 2!

Created by: peacelovepie

  1. First off, in this quiz you are a girl. Why? It was necassary to assign you a gender for the purposes of the quiz. If you do not feel comfortable with this, you can go ahead and try a different quiz. There are many more to choose from.
  2. "Sophie!" You hear someone call in a sharp whisper. "Sofia, are you awake?" You try to open your eyes, and you manage to open them a crack. Your vision swims, but you seem to be in some sort of hospital. A boy is staring down at you. He seems concerned, frightened even. His eyes are red, like he was crying, and he looked overtired and exausted. He smiles weakly when he sees your eyes open. Gripping your hand, he asks, "Sophie, can you hear me? Please...answer me." How do you respond?
  3. Whatever you respond, his face goes pale. He answers in a shaky voice, " don't remember?" He runs his hands through his hair. "I mean, the doctors said you might have amnesia, but...Oh God, Sophie...You don't remember me?" His voice cracks with emotion.
  4. Your heart pangs with sympathy for this boy, but you're not joking. You can't remember a thing. Well, you do remember something... "I...I'm sorry, the only thing I remember is these four words: 'Tell them he's back' " The boy's eyes widen. "Oh no, oh no, no, no. This can't be happening. Not again." "What's happening?" You ask.
  5. The boy looks at you. "I guess I have some explaining to do..." You nod. You don't like the grim look on his face. He takes a deep breath, then begins. "Your name is Sofia Williams. I am Conner Johnson. You...Oh God, how do I say this? You...had a rough past. Get comfortable, this might take a while." You try to move but your whole body is sore. Conner lifts you up and props you on your pillows in a leaning position. He smiles kind of sadly at you, then begins his explanation...
  6. "I met you in New York. You were carrying a small black suitcase. It was raining. Your hair and clothes were wet. You were crying, not looking where you were going. You ran right into me..." I asked you where you were going...
  7. "You were afraid of me. I could tell in your eyes. You tried to run from me but you twisted your ankle and couldn't get up. Then you passed out. Form fear, cold, hunger, I don't know. I carried you back to my apartment and bandaged your leg. When you woke up, I gave you a change of clothes and some Hot Cocoa and you told me your story...
  8. "You said you were running away from your uncle. You said your parents left you and you were sent to live with him but... you never told me why you hated him. I just know you loathed him with all your heart. You also seemed...Well, you seemed surprised that I would help you. You said something scary. You said, 'I would understand if it was someone else, but me? I mean...' You started crying again, and I tried to comfort you. You said, 'Empty words won't make me feel better.' You leaned against me, shivering, and told me to just be quiet and enjoy the moment before it was gone. Unfortunately, I didn't know what you meant until much later...
  9. "You stayed in my apartment for a couple weeks. You had a job and were saving up for...something. We became good friends. And then... you were on a bus. There was some sort of accident... You wound up here." For some reason, you had trouble believing the last bit. The accident just... seemed wrong somehow. You felt as though he was telling the truth up until this point...You are about to ask him if he is leaving something out, when his phone beeps . He glances at the caller, and he stiffens suddenly. "I'm sorry." He tells you. "I have to take this. I'll try to be quick." Conner steps outside the room. You hear him talking to someone in a low voice, but you can't make out what he's saying. You shiver. Something is not right... He comes back in the room, but he looks shaken. His hands are trembling. "Come." He tells you. "Lets go for a walk." You can't shake off an uneasy feeling, but you agree anyway. You need to clear your mind. He leads you through the hospital to the front, on the way explaining that you have already been discharged.
  10. That's it for this quiz! If you would like to see a part 2 please rate it a smile! See y'all in the next peacelovepie quiz.

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