Which guy will you love?part 7

You live in a mansion with four guys who are in love with you and in the end you must pick who you love! This beings fun romance danger and confusion to your life and I wish you luck :) who will you choose?

Will it be the stylishly messy brown haired emerald green eyed gorgeous Adrian? The wind blown dirty blonde haired ocean blue eyed stud Chad? The styled light blonde haired chocolate brown eyed cutie Mark? Or the jet black haired icey blue eyed sweetie Dillan? Who knows?

Created by: TatiJudith3
  1. You utter an almost blood curdling scream that sends all of the guys plowing through the door with weapons. Chad has a hockey stick, Adrian has his bat, Mark has a yard stick, and Dillan has num-chucks! They seemed abit confuzzeled that you weren't in any danger but still rushed to your side.
  2. They all sit on your bed looking alarmed and practically shower you was worried questions. You lay there waiting for them to calm down. When they do Mark asks "What happened?" and Adrian asks "are you okay?" while Chad and Dillan look out your 2 windows as if Ryan was out there. You say your fine it was just a terrible nightmare and begin to tell them all of it. What do you think it's about?
  3. " I was walking outside bare foot, the sky was a darkening gray. All the plants seemed blackened and burnt. I start to walk on a path that turned on the edge of the woods. I see a dark shadowed mad coming toward me, his face changed in to Marks then to Dillans to Adrians to Chads and then to black nothingness..."
  4. "... I run over to the docks to look for a boat or something to escape on. I then look down and into the water that has turned black and it started to bubble furiously. The shadowed figure emerges from the water holding it's self up on my forearms. He takes of his hood and reveals it's a sickly pale and bald Ryan! His eyes glow with a bloodstained color and all I could feel in unbearable coldness and his rancid breath on my neck. Then I woke up.".
  5. The guys look at you with wide eyes. Marks the first one to speak "you must be suffering thru minor shock from the incident which causes your subconscious to manifest these images". "It's okay babe we'll stay with you till you fall back to sleep" Chad says as Dillan locks your windows and he says "See?you're safe with us". Mark and Adrian lay down on opposite sides of you when Chad and Dillan guard the doors and windows. Your eyes grow heavy to Adrian murmuring sweet thoughts in your ear lulling you to sleep
  6. You wake up and your alone but you notice you hav your locket back though! You open it and it has words engraved on one of the picture holders!!
  7. "Within the swans embrace" it said in italicized letters. Your confused by this tricky clue and hope he doesn't mean real live swans. You go downstairs and attempt to contemplate it's meaning while eating breakfast. Dillan comes into the kitchen, kisses you on the cheek and says"Good morning sweet hart" you smile up at him but then your mind gets sidetracked again on this odd clue. He sees ur perplexed expression and asks wats troubling you?
  8. "are there any swans around here?" you ask Dillan acting simply curious. He give you a bit of a confused look and says"umm...well no real ones but I think I've seen some swan art at the museum in town before".
  9. So you put on a cute outfit and when your just leaving your room Chad stops by you and asks"Where is my sexy lady going today?" with a grin. You tell him your going to the museum to check out some art and stuff. Chad offers you a ride which you gladly accept. When you guys get there he asks if u want him to come with you?
  10. You say no it's fine you probably won't be too long. He seems alil disappointed so you reassure him with big kiss and hug that seemed to perk him up :). Then your off into the museum of history and art
  11. You go thru all the exhibits and paintings from Andy Warhol to Vincent Van Gogh and still nothing. So as your wandering around you see there's a huge outdoor statue garden. You look at a bunch which ones did you like the most?
  12. As you walk past tall shrubbery and stone and other non-swan related things you discover Mark sitting on a bench reading a novel. He looks up and smiles"_____what are you doing here?"he asks scooting over for you to sit next to him. You sit down and tell him you were looking for some swan related statue. He says "Oh, well there's a swan fountain. I could show you where it is." taking your hand.
  13. You walk past some truly magnificent masterpieces that honestly impress you. Mark smiles at your fascinated expressions and leads you beyond some trees to a grand fountain that was most likely in the middle of the entire garden. It was huge! Cupids, water the whole shabang. The swans where close to the water so easy to reach."Well here it is." Mark says while laying his book on the edge.
  14. You take it all in and soo there are to stones swans that have their necks wrapped around eachother in a loving embrace. Tied to both their necks is a scrolled up note with a ribbon. You gotta think of a distraction to you can grab the note without Mark noticing.
  15. You play out one of those plans and while Mark is either drying off or going to the gift shop(depends cuz either ways he's gone and will go to the gift shop too) you hav time to open the note. "Meet me in our room of stars at 8, till then my love" it said. You tuck it in your pocket and hastily tied the ribbon in your hair when you saw Mark coming back.
  16. He bought you a big plush bear that has a big red bow tie with glasses! You guys kiss causing the poor bear to be squished. Mark brings u home and you two meet up with the guys
  17. "...Yes officer we understand...yes...okay...good bye" Adrian said on the phone as you guys walk in. Chad and Dillan are sitting by him looking almost hollow. You ask what's wrong and an eerie silence thickens throughout out the room till Chad says"Ryan escaped from police custody.". It hit you like a wave, hard feelings of fear anger and nausea overwhelm your senses and you pass out.
  18. Your lightly shaken awake by Dillan."____?____?" he whispers. Your on a cutioned couch on a large balcony. You come to and Dillan helps you up and holds you close. You rest your head on his chest and stare at the glistening sunset. He kisses you forehead gently and telling you it'll all be okay.
  19. After that you go upstairs to go to bed Adrian comes behind you and pinches your sides playfully. You giggle and tell him you havnt seen him all day "Did you find it?" he asked with a smile on his face. When you tell him you did he kissed you and said"Great then you hav a good night sleep lovely one" and then left.
  20. You go into your room where you find Chad laying on your bed"What? You thought you were sleeping alone?I don't thing so, you need to stay safe" he says pulling you on the bed after you changed in the the closet. As you snuggle up close to in bare chest he whispers in your ear "no bad dreams for my girl".
  21. All is week and quite until you both hear a huge crash into your bedroom! Chad is alrdy in fight position and the guys hav burst thru the door. "Heard you've been dreaming about me cupcake"

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Quiz topic: Which guy will I love?part 7