Which guy is your dream guy?Part 6

This time you meet a guy with brown hair,and purpleish blue eyes.He's a sibling of one of the guys,but who?can you guess my age?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Created by: MayRose

  1. Once you you're in the cart,someone immediatly helps you up!When you see the persons face,you realize that it's not any of the guys.A look of despair crawls over your face.
  2. The guy notices this."Sorry,I should introduce myself,shouldn't I?"You silently nod your head."Hi,I'm Royce,I'm Zack's older brother.""Ohhh,Okay,I'm _____.""I know that,Zack doesn't shut up about you!It's _____ this,and _____ that all day long."
  3. "Sorry,"You say to him."Oh,it's okay,i'm happy that he finally found someone to talk about,"He grins at you."Okay,hey,where are we anyway?""We are very Very deep inside the forest,Zack told me to look over here,while the other guys look closer over there,"He points somewhere VERY far away."That reminds me,i better call them to tell them that i found you."You say okay,so he calls Zack and tells him."He wants to talk to you,you know,to make sure i'm not lying."You shrug and take the phone."Hello?""_____,I'VE BEEN SO WORRIED ABOUT YOU!!!"He's yelling so hard that Royce can here him perfectly,and starts to chuckle."What happened?!What did Heathe do to you this time?"You are about to says nothing,but Zack says"No,tell me at the house.Oh,and Royce is going to stay at the house for a while,you know,in the guest room,in case Heathe comes again.""Okay,i'll see you back at the house,Later!"You hang up.
  4. Once you two get back home,you thank Royce for his unexplicable timing and saving you from that JERK Heathe."No Problema!"He says back too you.
  5. You tell him whatever you picked and say"if you didnt jump at that moment,I wouldn't have saved you,and I AM Zack's older brother,i know,were nothing alike right?"
  6. "Yup,"You say laughing,Zack hears this and is somewhat offended."Hey!"He playfully pretends to throw a weight at you.The six of you help Royce move into the guest room."Thanks _____ for helping me!"He says,as he brings one of his bags inside and lays it down on his bed."Hey!Bro what about us?"Zack says looing hurt."thank you guys too for helping me."You decide to ask Blaze if he's okay from the tranquilizer dart,you know you aren't."Well,it still hurts from time to time.""Yeah,mine too.""Wait,he hit you with one too!?""Yea,I know how you feel.My necl feels kinda sore from the impact."He looks freaked out!
  7. "_____,Go to your room!Quick!""Why,whats wrong?""JUST HURRY AND GOOO!"You dash upstairs to your room.You sit down on your bed.Once you get there,you start feeling like you can't breathe!You try and scream,but the medicine that Heathe gave you,hasn't worn off yet.Slowly and painfully,You start to drift out of consiousness.
  8. While your unconsious,you are still in horrible pain!You feel like both your arms and legs are breaking,your having a heart attack,AND your hearts breaking!
  9. You're having a seizure!!!!When you come back into consiousness,You see all of the guys(including Royce)looking at you worridly."What happened!After about 2 hours the tranquilizer kicked in for me,and made me unconsious,it made me feel like i was having a heart attack.But,I didn't have a seizure!"Blaze says confused."_____,did Heathe make you take any medicine,or shots,while you were there?"Zack says.You nod."What did he give you?"Andrew says,he's holding your hand again,like the first time hen you fainted at the house."He gave me medicine,that made me only able to whisper,not able to scream s you guys wouldn't find me."You say,whispering.
  10. "That explains alot!"Blaze says."And the fact that he gave you a concussion!"Zack says seeing a large bump on your head."The combined strength of the three turns into a deadly seizure,your lucky you weren't seriously injured while having the seizure!!"Blaze says again.
  11. "_____,what happened while you were unconsious?"Andrew says looking once again straight into your eyes.You explain to the guys what happened.They all look at you,with sympathy.
  12. A couple more days pass by,and it's Sunday,the end of week 2.The guys rent a movie.What do you think it is?
  13. The movies 2012,Royce got to pick,you still love that movie though.While you guys are watching the movie,the doorbell rings.You runs up and answer it only to see a package.There's a note sticking out of the top.It says,Hi _____,It's me HEATHE!I am going to save you from the guys again soon.Please wait for me!Inside the package is a special gift from me to you.I'll see ya soon!I'll come when the guys aren't there,don't tell them!;)See ya! Heathe.You open the package,once you see whats inside,you pass out!
  14. Okay who do you love?(Please no more slapping!it hurt the last time!)

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Quiz topic: Which guy is my dream guy?Part 6