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  • Which Founding Father are you?
    Your Result: James Madison 80%

    You are James Madison, chief architect of the Constitution and fourth president. When it comes to style and flashiness, you are easily outdone by the other founders. You are exceedingly shy, rarely raising your voice. All of your energy is instead devoted to brainpower. When you argue with people, you don't do it with passion, but with detailed reasoning. Your temperament is tranquil, and you are rarely in an animated or excited state. Though intelligent, you can sometimes be indecisive, and will not act until circumstances reach a point where there is choice but to move forward. Sometimes you refuse to acknowledge the fact that your plans, while excellent on paper, are impractical when implemented in the real world. You are naturally a supporter instead of a leader, and you do best using your enormous intellect behind the scenes to advise. Reasonable and gentle, you make an excellent companion to a Thomas Jefferson.

    72% John Adams
    66% Alexander Hamilton
    66% Benjamin Franklin
    62% George Washington
    58% Thomas Jefferson

    Very true.Everyone tease me because i don't like fashion. I need to say one word to them. I'm... a... tomboy!!!!!

  • Yes, I know that my username is Hamiton. Im obsessed with the musical and decided the take this quiz. It was extremely accurate. I didnt love the questions and answers, but in the long run, my result was perfect. (I got Thomas Jefferson 80%) Him and Hamilton were enemies, but Hamilton still ended up voting for him in the Election of 1800 against Burr. Jefferson has beliefs, Burr has none, Hamilton said in The Election if 1800 song in the Hamilton Soundtrack. I believe it is the 19th song.

  • John Adams? Hamilton as second? I only have a few things identical to them: I know my faults (Adams) and I'm good with money (Hamilton ). But my neutrality with practically everything, my essays, and the length of this post prove that I'm definitely a Frabklin or Jefferson.

    Shoul d not have chosen Federalist lol

  • I got George Washington Im not gonna lie I I thought I was going to get George Washington Thomas Jeffersons or Ben Franklin but I didAnd I was shocked that I got 98% George Washington and then one percent Thomas Jefferson than 0.9% James Madison I didnt even get Ben Franklin on the following but thats kind of very private and that I got that much George Washington and not a whole much more of the other one I am happy that I got at one of those because I do act a lot like George Washington

  • James Madison,I do hate fashion alot and find myself very wise sense I have been through hell and back alot in my life so far and I know their is sadly more to come. Cool quiz mate.

  • George Washington. Was crossing my fingers for Benjamin Franklin, but I didn't want to lie and pick "scientist" (which would have been a surefire Franklin).

  • Very cool Hamilton! I got Thomas Jefferson which I think is very true for me ^_^ Very well written quiz also

  • Hamilton and Jefferson tied... Oh, the irony xD

  • Thomas Jefferson, which is so true! Great quiz, very well made!

  • Benjamin Franklin. Cool :)

    Puppy xo1
  • John Adams......I agree

  • I got GEORGE WASHINGTON!!!!!!!

  • Benjamin Franklin :D

  • I got Benjamin Franklin i dont know why though

  • ah, yes I got James Madison

  • Alexander Hamilton, pretty accurate.

  • I got John Adams :)


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