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  • Mine is way off too. 81% African. I got on Ancestry.com and after going back 8 generations I found out that 3 of my ancestors lived in Bavaria, Germany their entire lives (world war I and before) and my 6xgreat grandparents moved to America from a small Scandinavian country. So I'm pretty sure I'm not African (even though I know that modern South African people are descended from white Dutch and British settlers who call themselves Afrikaaners) letting you know so you can review what characteristics you put under African. I also got 20% Native American but my great grandmother, who I had the pleasure of knowing personally, was almost 100% Cherrokee (NC Indian Tribe) anyway, thank you very much for the quiz. I'm sorry my results were wrong and that more people comment with compaints that compliments. Hope this is helpful feedback.

  • Mine's way off!

    I got Native American. In fact, I am half northern European (Romania, to be exact), 1/4 Spanish, and 1/4 Italian.

    My mon is also convinced that there is a littlebit of Asian blood in the family.

    Nobody in my family was even born in North America, not even me.

    Still, I gave this quiz a nine. Although it was far from accurate, it was well done and thought out.

    I'm suprised you did not put many questions on coloring other than skin tone. Things like hair color and eye color give the (steriotypical) idea of where one is from. So do factors such as height and proportions.

  • Where were your ancestors from?
    Your Result: Africa 85%

    Your strong features with a tad of mild differences, gives you the beautiful features of Africa! Your Nose, eyes, mouth, body, all come from the mother land!

    80% Mixed
    78% South America
    26% Europe
    24% India
    23% Austrailia
    20% Asia
    0% Native American
    Yes but I don't know the others

  • Your Result: Europe

    You have Very Very Bold features! Your nose are stilts for your face structure, your well defined eyes and your marvelous lips give you a European Flare ... Beautiful!

    Corre ct you are. :D I'm Italian, German, Irish, Polish, and I bit french. But Italy is most important because that's where my Mom's ancestors came from. ;3

  • WRONG. You said I was African. I have light straight, thick hair, blue eyes, very pale white skin and have Scandinavian and a few Polish ancestors. The only thing that doesn't fit is that I have a very small round nose and a bit of a low voice.

  • Native American 83%

    You have the long beautiful hair that complements your - more likely to be - oval or diamond head shape. You are a native and that's what makes you even more gorgeous - your original and classic at the same time ;)

    Not at all. This was wayyy off. None of my ancestors come from America, period. My ancestors are from Europe. Russia to be exact.

  • and Indian Natve American (which is the same thing) and honestly i have some Indian,Irish(cuz i am so fair), my grandma said something about maybe German or Italian (but i just have parts if i have some not like full Italian family). And i might be some other stuff,too but i dont know.( results r so wrong other then some of the Indian i mean i never even lived or been 2 Australia so how can I have Australian just saying(LOL)

  • Europe.

    I'm Italian, Polish, and Hispanic, I look exactly Italian, and the exactly Polish.

    I have a roman nose and small Cupid lips and blondish thick wavy hair, but I look Italian and Polish at the same time even though my features aren't really Polish like my nose o.O

  • Uhhh I am Australian, and you made a mistake- Aborigionals are NOT Australian, they are just native- the white people who you think are Australian actually have European blood :)

  • I have read the responses to other's results and I'm so disheartened by the human race right now... somebody exclaimed that they couldn't possibly be from Australia because they weren't born there "and never even lived there"...

    There should be an IQ test before voting and/or reproducing.

  • I got Austrillian, but I'm pretty sure my dads side of the family is German, because of my last name. Oh well, this is just a quiz, not really anything important.

    elf maiden
  • It didn't get mine right. It said I was Native American. I'm European. And even if had some Native American blood that I don't know about; I'd be "mixed" not completely Native American.

  • African! LOL! I would expect nothing less considering I'm South African! I do have European and Native American Ancestry though.. (:

  • It says i am mostly asian true but my mom is a ginger but not a bright red head like a brown red. My dad looks like a mexican lol it is quite funny when people ask my race. I get mistaken for half mexican or my dad is half asian. Btw, im korean, chinese, and white which is all i know. There might be some japanese and Austrian though im not sure

  • I got Europe the first time, but wasn't sure about an answer so I changed it and got South America. I'm a mix, I guess...?

  • OH MY GOD THIS IS HILARIOUS AND SO FREAKING WRONG!!!! XDXDXD it said I'm from Africa when: I'm Austrian, German, Irish, Scottish, and British...My mom's great grandma came here straight from Germany OH GOD THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!!

  • Europe.

  • Australian. I don't know, my mom has about 20 different races mixed up from her side. And then my dad is Amish, and that's were I get my olive skin. Pretty much, I'm just a mutt :)

  • Native American? I have no Native American ancestors that I know of.. It's all European, even my last name is the name of a small village in England..

  • Blah blah whatever, I'm hard to describe :P

  • Almost all of my ancestors are from Europe, but I got India, one of the few countries that my family is not from. Good quiz though.

  • It said I was European and a little bit Australian which is accurate about Europe but I had on idea about Australia!

  • no way all I know is my great grandma is Chinese, really Chinese but I have big eyes and this quiz says that I am south American which is impossible although I dunno what my father ancestry is from

  • It was pretty accurate..said I was mostly European and a lil Native American which is true. Also said I was beautiful,that's true as well.

  • You were wrong. Mine come from Germany, France, Ireland, and a few of them are Native American.


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