What type of Always pads should you wear?

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This quiz is all about helping you decide what type of Always pad you should wear! Pads are napkins that stick to your panties and absorb menstrual blood once it leaves the body.

There are three types of pads Always makes; Maxi, Ultra Thin, and Infinity. If you want to check out tampons, Tampax is Always sister company. Remember to answer honestly!

Created by: Kyra

  1. What matters to you most in a pad?
  2. Do you excersise frequently?
  3. What is your pad pet peeve?
  4. What sounds appealing to you in a pad?
  5. Would you prefer thick, absorbent pads or thin, flexible pads?
  6. Have you started your period recently?
  7. Do you mind spending a little more money on pads?
  8. Did you like this quiz? (Doesnt affect score)
  9. Are you scared?
  10. Bye for now.

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Quiz topic: What type of Always pads should I wear?

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