What type of Always pads are right for you?

This quiz is all about helping you pick a perfect always pad for you! There are maxi pads, ultra thin ones, infinity with FlexFoam, Radiant, (Like infinity but scented) and Totally Teen, which is the best for beginners!

Remember to be 100% honest in the quiz, because all of your answers are anonymous, and be happy with your result! If you don't like pads, try tampons from Tampax, Always' sister company!

Created by: Takdeer

  1. Have you recently started your period?
  2. What age "group" do you fall in?
  3. Do you like FlexFoam pads?
  4. Do you prefer thin pads or thick, maxi ones?
  5. How much money would you like to spend on your products?
  6. What is your pad pet peeve?
  7. Are you a younger person, or have a small shape?
  8. Do you like scented pads?
  9. How did you like my second quiz?
  10. Bye!

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