What Tampax Tampons Should You Wear?

This quiz is all about helping you find out what Tampax tampons are right for you! Tampons are plugs with a string and applicator, and they are inserted into your vagina and absorb menstrual blood.

Make sure to NEVER leave in a tampon for more than eight hours, that is very dangerous, so use overnight pads when you go to sleep. Have fun in the quiz!

Created by: Kyra

  1. What matters to you most in a tampon?
  2. Should the wrapper be quiet?
  3. Should the wrapper be resealable?
  4. Did you have your menarche (first ever period) recently?
  5. Do you excersise a lot?
  6. Do you want your tampon to be scented?
  7. What would you prefer: A leak guard skirt, or a leak guard braid?
  8. Does packaging design matter to you?
  9. Did you like this quiz? (Doesnt affect score)
  10. Bye now.

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Quiz topic: What Tampax Tampons should I Wear?