What Kind Of a Customer Are You?

Customers come in many forms sorta like tampons. You might think you are a great customer but chances are you're not as great as you think... In fact there is a chance that you suck at being a customer.

You could be a wanker and not even know it. Take this quiz and you will find out. Do you love to return things?? Are you indecisive?? Rude to the clerk??

Created by: michelle black
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  1. True or false: I have returned more than 1 purchase in the past 3 months.
  2. Your 2 year old DVD player stops working, do you ?
  3. Have you ever returned something because you broke it???
  4. You are a smart shopper & use coupons- you forgot your 25cent off coupon for one of the items. Would you make a separate trip back to the store to redeem it.
  5. You pay by credit card- they ask for ID. Do you ?
  6. You order something online lets say, sex toys. You pick Ups shipping and it says 7-10 days for delivery. After 3 days you haven't received it. Do you ?
  7. You go to the store, the item you are looking for is nowhere to be found. You ask an employee and they tell you the store doesn't carry it. Do you?
  8. You are a blues guitarist and nobody likes you except your equally lame son. You want to spend quality time with him every Saturday so you...
  9. You flew on a plane once so you are an experienced traveller, you hope to take a trip one day but your broke. So do you.
  10. You are about to go into a clothing store- there is a sign that says "no food or drinks" you have most of your mochalatteventichaisteamed overpriced coffee drink left , So you.

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of a Customer am I?