Are you an annoying customer?

Do you like shopping? Of course you do. Who doesn't? Have you ever asked yourself, though, if shopping likes you? Have you considered how you contribute to the social as well as economic interchange of shopping? In other words, are you a good customer, or just a pain in the...

This quiz just might enlighten you. It will certainly give you an idea of what the clerks say after you leave the store. Please choose the answer most similar to your behavior -- and be honest!

Created by: Jenifer
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  1. When entering a bookstore, do you observe aloud, "Oh, it's just books"?
  2. Do you talk on your cell phone in stores?
  3. When shopping with a friend, do you insult the merchandise and pricing within earshot of the proprietor?
  4. Do you look for the price on an item before asking a shopkeeper?
  5. If you handle an item, and decide not to buy it, where do you put it?
  6. You've been shopping all day, and you need a potty break. What's your solution?
  7. If you know you aren't going to buy anything, how long do you spend in a shop?
  8. If you break it (or your child does), do you offer to buy it?
  9. Do you bring food and/or beverages into stores?
  10. Have you ever worked retail?

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Quiz topic: Am I an annoying customer?