Is Your Sister Really Annoying?

This quiz determines whether your sister isn't annoying is annoying is really annoying or extremely annoying. There are many ways to deal with annoying sisters, and after determining how annoying your sister is I will give you advice on how to deal with them.

Is your sister annoying or are you just a bratty little snot who thinks your the greatest person in the world!?? Take this quiz and find out for yourself.

Created by: Faith
  1. How old is your sister?
  2. Is your sister younger or older than you?
  3. Does your sister always get her way?
  4. Does she cry if you shout at her?
  5. If you barely touch your sister does she scream and shout like you just punched her?
  6. Is your sister the youngest in the family?
  7. When you ask her to do something does she do it?
  8. Do your friends like your sister better than they like you?
  9. Does your sister have a boyfriend and you don't?
  10. Has your sister ever been pregnant?

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Quiz topic: Is my Sister Really Annoying?