Should you wear makeup?

Do you wear makeup? Should you wear makeup? You can find out here. You will find out if you should wear makeup or not. Answer 13 questions and you will know.

Arent you going to take my quiz? Im surprised your still reading this, but what are you waiting for? Dont you want to take my quiz? Please!!!!!!😜😜😜

Created by: rylinhuie
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  1. First of all, do you wear makeup?
  2. Do you care about your looks?
  3. Are you NATURALLY pretty?
  4. If you wear makeup, do you use bright colors?
  5. Dark colors?
  6. What lipstick color?
  7. Do people complement your looks?
  8. If you wear makeup, do you wear it just because your friends wear it?
  9. Did you like this quiz? Be honest please!
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Quiz topic: Should I wear makeup?