How Much Do YOU Know About Makeup?

Some people say makeup is a bad thing and that it makes girls (or guys) fake and feel bad about themselves. However, most addicts like me just use makeup as a hobby and form of self expression.

Are you as much of a diva addict as me? There is not a problem and you should not feel bad if you know everything below or nothing. You are beautiful with and without makeup, but if you want to see if your on top of your makeup knowledge game, take the quiz:)

Created by: claudia1470

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  1. Which makeup product is for helping even skin tone, partially cover blemishes, and is known as the "base" of your face makeup?
  2. Which lip product, A. adds shine B. Helps bold colors not bleed off the lips C. Is the "main" color
  3. Which makeup brand is NOT sold at the drugstore?
  4. What is the name of the shimmer product that is applied to the high points of your face
  5. Which of the following is NOT a place you apply eyeliner?
  6. Which makeup product do people smile when they apply
  7. Which blush is NOT a Nars blush shade?
  8. Which makeup brand does "Hoola" bronzer belong to
  9. Which makeup company (2 correct answers) are know for their 88 eyeshadow palettes?
  10. Which makeup brand does the "Better than Sex" mascara belong to?
  11. Which of the following shades are NOT in the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette?
  12. Which of the following is NOT a MAC paintpot shade?
  13. Which makeup product is used to define your eyelashes?
  14. Which makeup brand is known for their "Jumbo Eye Pencils"
  15. Which companies lipstick packaging looks like a bullet?
  16. What is the purpose of brow gel?
  17. Which brand has a bronzer that smells like chocolate and is made with cocoa powder?
  18. Which product is used to help makeup stay on at the BEGINNING of your routine?
  19. Which product is used to help makeup stay on at the END of your routine?
  20. Which YouTube Beauty Guru started a makeup line called "Em Cosmetics"
  21. BONUS: What is the name of the drawer set that almost every beauty guru on YouTube uses as makeup storage?

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