the ultimate skateboard quiz

people who take this quiz will ffing out if they are good enough to be a sponcered skater, any one who gets a score of 70 or under are a little worse than what they thought.

if you recieve a score of 70 and over and you cant skate at all then you are a poser, to gain up to the right process keep practicing hard and wear knee wrist and elbow pads.

Created by: marcus

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. how good do you think you are
  2. can you ollie at least 30cm
  3. when you get sponcered what will you do
  4. if you could learn 1 trick what would that trick be called
  5. how long did it take to land the pop shuvit
  6. how many profesional skater do you think there are
  7. how do you kickflip
  8. what is a double bulflip
  9. who is not a skateboarder
  10. what is the san fransisco skateclub called

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