The Ultimate Quiz 67

There are so many cool people in the world, but few have taken a quiz. I know many have but i have to fill in space. Space the final frontier.So before you get there take the quiz!

Do you think you can defeat The Ultimate Quiz 67? Lots of tried but have succeded. If i spelled succeded wrong then let it be. Try the quiz so you can see if you are ULTIMATE!

Created by: Frank

  1. 2+2=?
  2. What was the answer to the first question in The Ultimate Quiz 1?
  3. Pi=
  5. What is the food pyramid made of?
  6. How many questions does this test have?
  7. Can you do the worm?
  8. What is the highest number?
  9. 8+9+0=?
  10. Can you sneeze with your eyes open?

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