the ultimate warriors quiz

there aren't many people who can complete this quiz without getting a wrong answer.are YOU up to the challenege that is the ultimate warrior cats quiz?

are you a warrior cats expert?well now you can find out, with the ULTIMATE WARRIOR CATS QUIZ!!! just click and find ten extremeley awsome questions about warrior cats waiting for you. yes you.

Created by: faye

  1. who was the first ever leader of thunderclan?
  2. (this one is easy)what were lostfaces names before and after she was lostface?
  3. which clan territory do you pass through to get to highstones?
  4. who is bluestars sister?
  5. who is firestars first deputy?
  6. who was the oldest thunderclan medicine cat we hear of?
  7. who was the first cat bluestar met at a gathering?
  8. who is crookedstars mother and who is his brother?
  9. who is stonefur and mistyfoots father?
  10. what is the name of sorreltails DEAD brother

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