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  • Awesome! :) I appreciate it when people put time into their quizzes; and you didn't even need to tell me that for me to see it! :) I gave it a 10.

    As for my result, I got "playing around". I guess that's sort of true... I would have liked to see what the other results said, especially the "control" one. I think that would fit me better, because I cannot stand when people think they have the right answer to everything and those who think differently are morons. :/ Anyway, yes, nice quiz!

  • Your Result: Your Destiny

    You have a destiny, and are stressing about your future and what you'll end up with. You are afraid that if things don't go like you want them to, then your life will be bad. When something is good enough you won't accept change without a fight. When something is bad, you feel like life is bad. Work with things, work toward your own personal goals and be who you are. You'll end up where you want to be.

    this is EXACTLY like me i dont no of anything they missed out in that paragraph thingy!!!

  • Destiny,true I am usually concerned over my future often and over think sadly but I really wanna overcome that as it's not worth the time or worry and most of the time it's nothing but a lie. Cool quiz mate.

  • I got destiny. I'm not sure about the whole future part, but I definitely have a problem with change. I can't stand moving, even if I hate the place I'm living in. I don't like too many surprises. I don't even like the fact I have to keep on growing. Good quiz, though. 10/10. XD

    Faun of Ivy
  • Your Result: Fighting

    You don't take s--- from other people, and believe in standing up for yourself no matter what the consequence. You have a strong influence on others, and that sometimes gets you into a bit of trouble, and sometimes, things can get pretty violent between you and another person. Tone it down a bit, and s-p-e-a-k

    cool quiz love it and it is right

    Rachel x
  • That was probably the best quiz I've ever taken. And I think it's totally right. My destiny feels like it could be a problem. But I also tend to have the fighting issue... ;)

  • I got Destiny. That's so true! ^~^ I've always wanted to be a writer and dream of having that career when I'm older. Awesome quiz, just like all your others, it was great. I gave it 10 stars. =) ^.^

    P.S.: I love the picture! :D

    I like music
  • Gossip,definately an issue of mine. But i was actually surprised ithought i would get destiny cuz i have a planned future but.....gossip gosssip gossssip i dont do it but im in mid skool w/ a bunch of morons =/

  • Gossip!! SO TRUE!! there was once a rumor about me and my bff dating just because we 'held hands' and we didnt even do that alot!!! so i gave her couple gifts and she LOVED them..then on that same day.. she took a necklace right off of her neck and gave it to me

  • wow great quiz!!! this must have taken you a long time to make. it said I have a problem with people who have bad attitudes. very true. I hate it when people are in a bad mood and are pissed all the time for no reason. and people who are b***es. good quiz nice job bye (c:

  • I got my destiny, and that is really true! Btw congrats with getting on the first page kaitie :)

  • Today I got crying. True.

  • I got gossip. Thats true but i only do it around friends never parents. Great quiz Kaitie!

  • it said i'm around ppl that r selfish insensitive and rude but i'm the 1 thats insensitive selfish and rude

  • being judged...yea i do hate it when people try to judge who i am

  • i dont have a bad attitude i cant help it if imma teenager

  • and i gave this quiz 10/10! i liked it!

  • bad attitude
    ya tbk awesomez quiz


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