What's wrong with you?

There are many people out there asking themselves what the hell is wrong with them. Why can't I get a date? Why am I always tired? Why do I have so many guys wanting to go out with me? Well guys nobody is perfect so learn to live with it.

IS there something wrong with you? Maybe yes, maybe not but who knows you know so take this extremely awesome quiz and find out what you always have been to know.

Created by: amazon
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  1. First off, how are you today?
  2. Pick a halloween costume:
  3. You're been exiled to a deserted island you can only bring one of the next items. Which one will be?
  4. When you pass a dog you:
  5. Which is most embarrassing?
  6. Who usually ends your relationships?
  7. Ok but why do people break up with you? (If no one's ever broken up with you then just take a guess)
  8. Favorite word that rhymes with "deli":
  9. Watch a fake movie:
  10. Which beauty pageant competition could you dominate?

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