What are your morals?

well lets see if you know how wise you are with importance. do you know anything that you are dedicaded to? morals are what we think are right and wrong based on what the outcome will be

did you know i spelled dedicaded wrong twice? wow! ok just take this and see what you get! this is what we know are the most important things in life and know what is right and wrong, if we know that the outcome is going to be good then its a good thing and whatever this just doesn't make sense now does it?

Created by: ~~Daisy~~
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. how do you spend your saturday nite?
  2. you are in DESPERATE need for some water cuz u've been workin out like all day, but u forgot you wallet at home so you...
  3. What is more important?
  4. what is your grade in school?
  5. what is correct?
  6. Would you save someone's life if it took yours?
  7. how many quizes do you take reguarley?
  8. did you see that i spelled reguarly wrong?
  9. is this a boring quiz? ZZZzzz...
  10. if you had to rate your own morals what would u say? (1-10)

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Quiz topic: What am Ir morals?