How mean are you

Alot of people have tempers. However some peoples anger issues get out of hand making them a total drag to be around. What makes theses people this way? Morals, concepts, and the things they have done or are willing to do.

Are YOU mean? Do people cowar in your presence? Well you could ask around but im sure this would be a less painful way to find out. Take this quiz and reveal the true you.

Created by: Bailey of myspace
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  1. It is ok for you to lie if it will help you get ahead
  2. You have tried to break up a friend and their lover
  3. You dont do things that wont benifit you
  4. You are raceist, sexist, or prejudice
  5. You seek revenge on people that have done you wrong
  6. You find it hard to care when people hate you
  7. You lie to people just to see if they will believe you
  8. In general you see yourself as better than most people
  9. You judge people by the way they look
  10. Violence is the answer to continous arguements
  11. You have been in a physical fight
  12. People are afraid of you or weary of you
  13. You tend to be negitive and you tend to pick out the bad things
  14. You are headstrong and dislike change

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Quiz topic: How mean am I