do you have anger issues ?

do you have anger issues ?? a lot of people do and i am one of them ! it is ok not to feel ok ! and you should really take this quiz so that you know whats wrong !?

take this quiz to find out if YOU have an anger issue and if you do what to do about it !? im not great at quizes or advice but take this quiz because its fun

Created by: saoirse

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. do your friends say you do things but you dont remeber doing these things ??
  2. do you feel sad ?
  3. what is a typical friday for you ?
  4. which do you like the most ?
  5. which of these is bigger ?
  6. what comes first in the alphabet ?
  7. do you have friends
  8. pick a word
  9. do you like this quiz ?
  10. do you like pot noodles ? if so plz pick which flaver

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Quiz topic: Do I have anger issues ?