What to do when you have anger issues

There are many people out there who have anger issues and can not control them if you have anger issues then you can take this quiz to see if your fine for now or if you need some help.

Are you having trouble with some anger and need help to see if you can handle it well than you can take this quiz to find out if you are ok irbid you need some help

Created by: Elizabeth

  1. Do you throw things when you are mad
  2. Do you express your feelings with someone else
  3. Do you yell And scream when your mad
  4. Do you take breathing exercises when your mad
  5. Do you sometimes break things
  6. If your mad at someone do you work things out with them
  7. Do you think about what is going on here and try to find a solution
  8. Do you do something you like when your angry
  9. Do you cry when your mad
  10. Do you go for a walk to think about it

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