What level of Goofy are you?

What is goofy? Well the word says it all. If you want to be a lunatic pick the most outrageous answers if you want to be a statue pick the most boring ones.

What level of goofy are YOU? find out here. Dont do this because its goofy, do it to REALLY find out how goofy you are. and don't touch my cookies or i'll scream tyranny.

Created by: Kevin
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  1. If a teacher leaves the room you:
  2. If your mom tells you to mow the lawn you:
  3. If your dad asks you to clean your room you:
  4. If a person needs to go up to the 20th floor and there are 18 floors between it you:
  5. If a commercial you have seen 30 times in the past hour comes on you:
  6. If you are at Chucky Cheese and the mascot comes up to you to hug you you react by:
  7. If your little sister leaves the room without taking her doll you:
  8. After a really boring movie you say:
  9. You go camping in the woods and after a scary story you:
  10. You are in the middle of the mall and spy the fountain. immediately you:

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Quiz topic: What level of Goofy am I?