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There are many cartoon characters in the world,but few people has their personalities.Who has Belle's intelligence, who has Mulan's bravery,who has Hercules's strongness and who has Goofy's funniness?

Are you the smart Belle,the kind Cindrella, the brave Mulan,the sky Jasmine,the muscular Hercules,the hilarious Goofy,the adventourous Peter Pan or the fierce Donald?Until now you can only think,think,think,think and think.But thanks to this great quiz,you will soon find out!

Created by: Hazel

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  1. What is your favourite food?
  2. Choose your favourite clothes color.
  3. Please choose your hobby.
  4. Please choose your favourite cartoon.
  5. Uhh
  6. Uhh
  7. Music...
  8. Hh
  9. What is your favorite drink?
  10. How is my quiz?

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