Mr Byrnes' Force Challenge

So you think you are all geniuses do you? You think we don't need to study anymore? We can pack up our books and just do practical experiments? I have designed this quiz just to find out how much you all already know.

Well lets find out if you can put your money where your mouth is. Take this quiz, reach the platinum level and you have your wish. Only achieve the bronze level however, and all your bottoms are mine. We will be studying for a very long time!

Created by: Tony
  1. You are driving on the freeway when you see a police car on the side of the road. Your speedometer broke, so you don't know how fast you are going. What formula should you use to find out your speed?
  2. You want to measure how fast an object is moving. Which unit of measurement is appropriate for measuring speed?
  3. You are looking for a car and come across one that says it has a zero to sixty acceleration in one second. You remember the meaning of acceleration, but forget the formula. How do you calculate acceleration?
  4. The car dealer tells you that a car has an acceleration of 40. You ask yourself, "Forty what?" What is the *standard* unit of measurement for acceleration?
  5. You want to find out how to measure force, but you don't know how. You check it up on the internet and find out that it is?
  6. Which of the four forces is used to overcome friction?
  7. You wish to work out how much acceleration a football had after you kicked it with a force of 100N over a distance of 50m, which formula would you use?
  8. Which would you say would be the best definition for a force?
  9. Which of the following is not a non-contact force:
  10. In 1687 Isaac newton invented his first law of motion. It states that:
  11. The definition for friction states that:
  12. Which of the following is the correct order of subheadings when writing a report:
  13. If you were to run a race and wanted to know what your instantaneous speed was, what would you measure?
  14. If I were to look up acceleration in the dictionary, it would say:
  15. Your mum asks you what your weight was, what units would you reply in?
  16. How many formulas have we studied so far during this term?
  17. If I dropped a ball off a balcony, which type of friction would slow it down the most?
  18. Dimples on a golf ball are used to:

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